Logged in but still have to log in, only it doesn't work!

  • Even though on Community/Forum page I'm logged in, Blog page requires me to log in but won't let me do it... I'm mystified and annoyed!

  • @LakeInHolland
    Huh?! That's still happening to you?

    Except (only) allow 3rd party cookies between vivaldi.net & vivaldi.com old issue, I don't have any picture what's going on at yours.

    Only one of that domains matter, doesn't hurt to put both for exception.
    I don't even have to do this anymore this days. I never got log out, kick out or login not detected in either blog or forum while blocking all 3rd party cookies.

  • Moderator

    May be adding a exception for cookies helps:

    • Open vivaldi://chrome/settings/content
    • Go to section Cookes
    • Hit button Exceptions…
    • Set Allow and add as domain [*.]vivaldi.net
    • Set Allow and add as domain [*.]vivaldi.com

    If that fails, perhaps extensions used by you block all third-party cookies?

  • @Gwen-Dragon @dLeon
    Many thanks to you both. I was completely unaware of this method of allowing exceptions. My setting in Vivaldi was simply to block all third party cookies. I suppose I'd never realized exactly what 'third party' means here - I'd sort of assumed Vivaldi sites didn't count as third party. I've followed your instructions Gwen-Dragon and will report back as and when. Cheers, Harry

  • @Gwen-Dragon @dLeon

    ... and It's Worked! Brilliant, that's another frustration eliminated! I'm most grateful to you both. Cheers, Harry


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