Disable Mac Vivaldi Auto-update

  • Hello, I could be missing something, but I don't see a setting to disable auto-updating of the Vivaldi browser on a Mac. Is that true? On Windows, I have a section under Settings for AutoUpdate, on Mac, that option is no where to be found.

    Is this on the road-map to be added for the Mac Vivaldi client?



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    @sethjbr The macOS Auto Update settings (and App Store settings in System Preferences) only pertain to macOS system updates and application updates from the App Store.

    Vivaldi has its own update mechanism but currently does not provide an on/off switch.

  • Vivaldi on OS X MacOS uses a popular third-party software update framework called Sparkle. This framework doesn’t have a GUI to turn off automatic updates, but it does have and honor a hidden preference. It’s easy and safe to change this setting using the command line (Terminal, iTerm2), so that is how I will demonstrate, but you might be able to use a GUI tool to edit the appropriate preference file if you prefer.

    The auto-update feature is controlled by a key named “SUEnableAutomaticChecks” in the Vivaldi preferences. You can check and change the value of this preference using the defaults tool. In your terminal app, type/paste everything after the dollar sign:

    $ defaults read -app Vivaldi SUEnableAutomaticChecks

    If the value has not been set, the tool will produce this error:

    The domain/default pair of (com.vivaldi.Vivaldi, SUEnableAutomaticChecks) does not exist

    (which defaults to on).

    You can disable auto-update by setting the value to NO:

    $ defaults write -app Vivaldi SUEnableAutomaticChecks NO
    $ defaults read -app Vivaldi SUEnableAutomaticChecks


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