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  • The 1password extension keeps asking me to update and isn't working correctly. I have also emailed 1password for advice. But, I feel as thought there is something wrong with vivaldi!

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  • that didn't help at all! There advice didn't help at all! I also

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    @akv0712 Sorry to hear that you're having difficulties. If you don't mind my asking, what version of Vivaldi are you running, what version of macOS are you running, what version of 1Password do you have installed, and do you have any other extensions installed?

    Did you also check the 1Password for Mac forum for help?

    If you want to verify that your version of Vivaldi is okay, you can run the following command from the Terminal:

    $ spctl -a -vv /Applications/Vivaldi.app

    I'm assuming that you have Vivaldi installed in /Applications, otherwise change the path appropriately. This command basically does the same checks as Gatekeeper on macOS. You should see the following output:

    /Applications/Vivaldi.app: accepted
    source=Developer ID
    origin=Developer ID Application: Vivaldi Technologies AS (4XF3XNRN6Y)

    The following command will also display additional details about the digital signature:

    $ codesign -d --verbose=2 /Applications/Vivaldi.app

    These commands just check to make sure that the Vivaldi application bundle is intact. There could still be a problem with your Vivaldi profile, the place where Vivaldi stores its configuration and runtime data.

    Another thing that you can try doing is to disable the 1Password extension and relaunch Vivaldi. Double-check the status of your extensions and do a quick check to make sure that Vivaldi is running okay. If everything still looks good, re-enable 1Password and relaunch Vivaldi once again.

    If you're still having issues, please let us know. With more detailed information about your installation, hopefully someone will be able to provide you with some additional tips and insights.

    Likewise, if you get an email response from AgileBits, please let us know too along with any helpful hints.

    Thanks, and best of luck in getting this resolved!

  • I figured out the way to fix it! Here is is for everyone else!

    Link => https://discussions.agilebits.com/discussion/78553/if-you-see-a-code-signature-error-in-an-unsupported-browser-like-chrome-canary-opera-or-vivaldi

    About the error

    1Password 6.8.BETA-2 introduces a new way of communicating with browsers. This causes code signature validation problems with some browsers based on Chrome, which prevents 1Password from saving and filling.

    You're affected if you use a browser based on Chrome, including:

    Chrome Canary
    Opera Developer
    If you're using a different browser, you are not affected.

    What you should do

    For now, you need to copy a configuration file from the stable version of Google Chrome into the support folder for your browser. This will allow you to save and fill in an unsupported browser.

    Copy the configuration file

    Make sure the 1Password app and your unsupported browser are both in the Applications folder.
    Install the stable version of Google Chrome.
    In Finder, choose Go > Go to Folder. Copy and paste the following path and press Return:

    ~/Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome/NativeMessagingHosts/
    Copy 2bua8c4s2c.com.agilebits.1password.json to your Desktop.

    Choose Go > Go to Folder. Copy and paste the correct path for your browser and press Return:

    Chrome Canary
    ~/Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome Canary/
    ~/Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome/
    Opera Developer
    ~/Library/Application Support/com.operasoftware.OperaDeveloper/
    ~/Library/Application Support/Vivaldi/
    ~/Library/Application Support/Brave/
    Open the folder NativeMessagingHosts or create it if it doesn't exist.

    Drag 2bua8c4s2c.com.agilebits.1password.json from your Desktop into the NativeMessagingHosts folder.
    If you're using Opera or Opera Developer

    If you're using a version of Opera, you'll also need to remove a file from its app bundle in order to get the code signature to validate.

    In Finder, choose Go > Go to Folder. Copy and paste the correct path for your browser and press Return:

    Opera Developer
    /Applications/Opera Developer.app/Contents/Resources/
    Drag the server_tracking_data file to the Trash.

    Quit and re-open your browser

    When you quit and re-open your browser, you'll be able to use 1Password to save and fill.

    Get more help

    If you still have trouble in Opera, this is likely because Opera makes changes to its own app bundle when it updates. This breaks the code signature verification. The only way to resolve this is to download a fresh copy of Opera after every update and follow the steps above.

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    @akv0712 Thanks very much for the update. I'm glad to hear that you were able to resolve this.


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