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  • I would like to see in a future version of Vivaldi where I can drag a tab off and it will create a new window with this tab. I don't know how hard it is to implement, but this feature would be extremely useful and keep me from having to switch to safari to utilize this feature (for example: presenting slides presentations with speakers notes on two displays, More Tab managing, etc.)

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    @and It is already implemented. In windowed mode, just drop it outside the window. In maximised mode you need a second monitor to drag it onto. The ability to drop it onto the current window is already in the Feature Requests thread.

    For now, you can use right-click, move to, new window.

  • @and it work on all chromium's browsers

  • @seregas No it doesn't, if a Chromium based browser implements a different UI like Vivaldi does it requires its own implementation. Vivaldi only started supporting this a few versions ago.

    Anyway @and , make sure you drag the tab up or down below or above the tab bar (if it is on top/bottom), not sideways otherwise it will reorder the tab and not create a new window.

  • It a little late reply, but maybe the proper request is to make this easier for the user. I have tried many times to drag the tab to create a new window but the browser thinks I'm trying to reorder the tabs.

    @duarte-framos I have also tried moving up and down but it has now become very frustrating.

    This feature may be part of Vivaldi right now but, unfortunately, I yet to see it.

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    @duarte.framos Up and down for top or bottom tabs. Sideways for side tabs.

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    @and Works easily here. Are your tabs top, bottom or side?

  • @and
    I'm not a regular for drag out tab for create new window. But I must testified, current Vivaldi is not good, especially when Vivaldi window maximized.

    It's also probably effected by Operating System and or Window Manager. Because I couldn't reproduce @duarte-framos steps to create new window above.

    The current state I have/collect:
    (window maximized)

    • Doesn't work if I just drag out & drop tab.
    • Doesn't work if I drag & drop tab to behind where Panel was placed. It automatically create Web Panel. Drag to other side (Feel the force, Luke) doesn't work.
    • Doesn't work if I drag & drop tab to top side.
    • Doesn't work if I drag & drop tab to Task Bar.
    • Only drag & drop tab on out most bottom or where Vivaldi Status Bar, 100% work. Cumbersome if we have large monitor. Drag far out to bottom.

    Except for the bottom part of window, Vivaldi seem doesn't have outside margin on other parts.

    Linux/Debian sid amd64

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