Drag Tab to Create New Window

  • I would like to see in a future version of Vivaldi where I can drag a tab off and it will create a new window with this tab. I don't know how hard it is to implement, but this feature would be extremely useful and keep me from having to switch to safari to utilize this feature (for example: presenting slides presentations with speakers notes on two displays, More Tab managing, etc.)

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    @and It is already implemented. In windowed mode, just drop it outside the window. In maximised mode you need a second monitor to drag it onto. The ability to drop it onto the current window is already in the Feature Requests thread.

    For now, you can use right-click, move to, new window.

  • @and it work on all chromium's browsers

  • @seregas No it doesn't, if a Chromium based browser implements a different UI like Vivaldi does it requires its own implementation. Vivaldi only started supporting this a few versions ago.

    Anyway @and , make sure you drag the tab up or down below or above the tab bar (if it is on top/bottom), not sideways otherwise it will reorder the tab and not create a new window.

  • It a little late reply, but maybe the proper request is to make this easier for the user. I have tried many times to drag the tab to create a new window but the browser thinks I'm trying to reorder the tabs.

    @duarte-framos I have also tried moving up and down but it has now become very frustrating.

    This feature may be part of Vivaldi right now but, unfortunately, I yet to see it.

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    @duarte.framos Up and down for top or bottom tabs. Sideways for side tabs.

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    @and Works easily here. Are your tabs top, bottom or side?

  • @and
    I'm not a regular for drag out tab for create new window. But I must testified, current Vivaldi is not good, especially when Vivaldi window maximized.

    It's also probably effected by Operating System and or Window Manager. Because I couldn't reproduce @duarte-framos steps to create new window above.

    The current state I have/collect:
    (window maximized)

    • Doesn't work if I just drag out & drop tab.
    • Doesn't work if I drag & drop tab to behind where Panel was placed. It automatically create Web Panel. Drag to other side (Feel the force, Luke) doesn't work.
    • Doesn't work if I drag & drop tab to top side.
    • Doesn't work if I drag & drop tab to Task Bar.
    • Only drag & drop tab on out most bottom or where Vivaldi Status Bar, 100% work. Cumbersome if we have large monitor. Drag far out to bottom.

    Except for the bottom part of window, Vivaldi seem doesn't have outside margin on other parts.

    Linux/Debian sid amd64

  • Came across this while doing a search for why dragging the tab out doesn't create a new window.

    I'm running Ubuntu 18.04 (Bionic) with KDE plasma as my desktop. Like dLeon, dragging tabs out of the window to the desktop doesn't work. But for me, even dragging out of the bottom doesn't work.

    Weirder yet, if I drag a tab to my other monitor, on the release of the button I get a menu with copy, move, link options (that don't work).

    If I right-click tabs and Move To... New Window, it works fine. It really seems like Vivaldi isn't detecting when the tab has be dragged outside its own window.


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