Vivaldi & FVD Speed Dial Not Cooperating

  • Up until this month, Speed Dial has started acting stupid. None of the dials ever load the picture for it and every time I switch tabs or do anything, it constantly resets the refresh of dials.

    However, when I use chrome with speed dial, everything is perfectly fine. Something about Vivaldi is keeping it from working and I don't know what.

  • So, after testing Vivaldi 1.9 Stable and the newest snapshot 1.10.838.7 with FVD Speed Dial, it turns out the newest version (1.10.838.7) is causing the problems.

  • @Darkarbiter How did you link in the settings to the new tab that speed dial fvd creates?
    Do you use the "Controlled by Extension" function or do you use the "Specific Page" option (the one where you write down a link by yourself)?

  • @zaibon I did Controlled by extension, I used specific page with chrome://newtab/ and chrome-extension://whateverthe restofthisstuffissupposetobe/newtab.html

    No matter what, 1.9 stable had it working fine but the newest version broke it.

  • @Darkarbiter I just started to play around a bit with fvd and can confirm this issue. I guess you're using "Auto Preview"? Because that is the only option that constantly tries to load a preview. The other options work fine for me. But as you said the tiles are stuck in the process of "...getting title".

  • @zaibon Yep, that one. That's the one I specifically use since I don't feel like doing the screenshot myself.


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