syncronize data with an account

  • hi i want to know if you go to make an account for a profile when i uninstall the browser and i instal it one more time i lose all my favoris web site and automatic login site so i hope you think to make an acount for each user who can save or syncronize her information like web site or other addres and recover them after login on his account . thks for your hard work

  • Moderator

    @sassoukidz - Sync has been under development for more than 2.5 years. (It's been requested on this forum roughly a million times or so.) The basic framework is finished (pending rigorous testing) and the UI is under development as we speak. When the internal testers have had a chance to validate the UI, I suspect we will begin to see it in public testing versions.

  • good news thanks for all


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