Gray Screens on New Tabs

  • This problem is incredibly infuriating and the only work around I've seen is to manually copy/paste the link into a new tab that I create. When clicking on a link to open a new tab, or even when scrolling down Facebook, media BREAKS EVERYWHERE. This is absolutely infuriating as I only use this browser for work due to the features it provides.

    Attached are the screens/problems I'm running into.

    Images of issues in question can be found here:

    Anyone have this issue or find a resolution? I'd rather not uninstall the program (i've done it to test - i mean permanently in this context)

    I only have 2 extensions installed - Ublock Origin and Last Pass. Issue is still happening with them disabled.

  • Hi, never got this problem but I am on Snapshot.
    Please add your system specs and Vivaldi version, it is may be a video card/driver problem.
    Check en/disable hardware acceleration (need Vivaldi restart):


    Cheers, mib

  • @mib2berlin said in Gray Screens on New Tabs:


    Thanks... I was looking on how to disable this for a long time. Will report back if it fixes the problem, thank you.

  • I've started getting this too; will see if that helps.
    Edit: Oh wait, I already had HW acceleration disabled to deal with a different issue. Hmm...


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