I really love the browser, trouble starting it up

  • Hi there,
    A friend showed me Vivaldi, and while I am in love with the browser, I am having way too frequent problems.
    I am sure you know by now that Windows 10 broke the code for Chromium based browsers. While Google Chrome, Opera and a few others have patched the problems, I assume Vivaldi had long repaired that so I doubt this is the issue I'm having. I believe it could be my extensions, but I'd rather not get rid of them.

    I guess why I made this thread was to see if other people are having my problem and if they have any suggestion as to how I can resolve this. Any advice is welcome, even if it's "reinstall should fix". Let me list here the extensions that I am using, but I do ask if anyone knows how to 'bug report' and categorise this, I'm also ears for that too.

  • List of my extensions in a screencap

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    @AnOgre: what manner of problems do you actually have? In other words, what are you trying to do, and what happens instead?

    Also, it would be great to know something about your hardware and platform.

  • Ah, let me get a list of that going here.
    Windows 10 Home
    Version 1607
    OS Build 14393.1066
    Ram 16GB
    Intel(R) Core(TM) I7-4790K CPU @ 4.00 GHz

    That's my current hardware. What I'm trying to do is launch Vivaldi after a reboot. For example, three days ago, after install, I had a blast loading extensions and testing them out. The next day after turning on the PC, it wouldn't launch after boot up. I checked task manager and could only find "Vivaldi Updater.exe". It wasn't until many hours later that I tried to open it up, that it suddenly complied. I don't know I did especially in that instance, but it eventually worked.

    I just want to use Vivaldi as my main browser, but I can't if it can't work immediately after a bootup. It could be anything that I did, or from my system itself that's keeping it down and I haven't a clue as to what it could be. The best guess I have is my extensions, if anything, or my massive library of bookmarks that I copied from Google Chrome.

    If you have any other questions, let me know.

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    @AnOgre: Two questions:
    Did you import the Chrome bookmarks using the file menu as per usual, or did you perhaps copy the file into the Vivaldi directory?

    Also, what if any 3rd party security software are you running?

    I'm running Vivaldi on LOTS of machines here, none as strong as yours - and it simply opens on all of them, no problems.

  • @Ayespy Thanks for the reply!
    I believe I used the feature for importing bookmarks as per usual. Would it have been better to simply copy it into the folder directory manually?
    I use Windows Defender, I think that's what it's called, anyway. As for the browser, I use Ublock for ads, and that's about it. Webroot isn't active.
    If it counts, I also made sure to load all of the directories of bookmarks with thumbnail images to give me a better idea of what I bookmarked at a glance. If that's contributing to the problem I'm having, I'd be ears for how to proceed.

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    @AnOgre: I'm a bit at a loss to explain it, then. I suppose you could re-name your bookmark file and see if that improves the starting behavior. If it does, then you likely need some housekeeping among your bookmarks.

    The bookmark file is a file (not a folder) named "bookmarks" in your Default folder (see menu/help/about for the path to that folder). If you rename it, Vivaldi will create a new one on startup, with just the few default bookmarks in it. A corrupted bookmarks file, or a badly coded bookmark (or more than one) in the file has been known to prevent or slow down browser startup.

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    @AnOgre: You can also refresh your profile. This gets you back to a clean state, and if it works properly at that point, you can gradually re-introduce things to narrow down what screwed things up.

  • @Ayespy Thanks again for the advice,
    First, I will do what you suggested and give that a try.
    What I will do, if that helps a little, is delete my entire bookmark database for the import, and then look up the guide for manual import and see if that's the problem! I'll keep you updated.

  • @Ayespy Two days later so far after trying your initial advice, 5 reboots later and I'm having no problems with opening the browser.

    Perhaps it was just a bookmarks issue. Given how I have over 36k bookmarks, maybe I had some corruption after using the import feature incorrectly?

    Either way, will update in a few days, if nothing interesting happens.


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