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  • Hello, is possible set Search Bar global for all tabs? (Search phrase will stay same on all tabs as it is in Firefox)

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    @tomas.aes Not that I know of. It is more useful to have each tab remember it's own search text. If any tab has no search string yet, then F3 will automatically use the last used string, unless some text is selected, then it will use that.

  • Thank for reply, I used probably bad term I mean Web Search Field(right from address bar). I mostly repeat same search again on new tab/other tab.

  • If you use the current snapshot: 1.9.818.3, the search field will be global for all tabs. Personally, I consider this unwanted behavior and I can't disable it, but if you like it, that's one way to get it.

  • @Hexaemeron: so that is what is happening? I wanted to report it as a bug that the search field doesn't "reset to blank" after using it.

    Is that considered a "feature?" I find it very annoying.

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    @wpcoe All you have to do is click the x to clear it, or simply overtype it. It is selected as soon as you click in the search field.

  • Changing the search isn't an issue, but this means that I can only have one search per browser window. I often will have multiple searches per browser session, spanning over multiple days. It really sucks to have a search on a new tab overwrite all the searches on the tabs from earlier.

    It's just bad behavior from my perspective to have the search field global across all tabs.

  • From my perspective It seems that best option would be make this configurable by users.

  • @Pesala : Still, I hardly consider that an "improvement" or feature I would want. An option in Settings to disable the behavior would be greatly appreciated.

  • @tomas.aes +1. Absolutely.

  • @Pesala yeah since a few version apparently, but that behavior (select on click) is also very annoying (I also dislike the global search).

    I often make a typo while typing my search query, click on the typo and try to correct it but no, like you say, the full text is selected as soon as I (single) click on any part of the text and now all the text is gone as I tried to type to fix the typo.

    It does this even if I was already typing in that field right before clicking (like in my example)! Although it doesn't really matter for me as I wouldn't want it to select even if it wasn't typing in the field before clicking (like for example trying to do a new search by adding a word to an old query that would have been there for a while).

    To me, it's simple, it looks like a text box so should act like a text box. Ok you can add some fancy behavior like the x the parent is talking about, but it should still act 99% like a text box, not some weird thing that try to predict what it think I want.

    Note that it was working very fine up from the old opera days up to vivaldi 1.7 (which introduced the select on click) and got worse in 1.9 (which introduced global search).

  • @n1ckp Just digged a little more on this and the address bar do seems to have the select all text on click too, but only when you changed the focus. It do not do it when you still have focus and click somewhere else in the text, so I opened a bug for this part (when having focus) as it is definitely a bug to select all text on click when you still have focus.

    I'd still prefer it like in 1.6 which has both the little x and no select all text on click, but you can triple click to select all text if you want (and the address bar do have select all text on click, which is fine for the address bar although not necessary for me).

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    If you think a feature is useful and missing in Vivaldi, please make a request.

    How to make a feature request for Vivaldi
    If you think your problem can be solved by a missing feature, please add a request for each feature wish at in the corresponding thread for your browser version.
    Add one line in bold as a short title for the feature and 2-3 lines to describe the wanted feature.

  • @n1ckp Well, my bug about selection is now fixed in 1.12.955, that was pretty fast!

    Select on click is still there though, which I still think is a regression, I mean it kinda makes more sense with global search but global search is also unwanted to me (and I think it's weird select on click actually was introduced before).

    I actually had a bunch of text typed out about this but forgot to finish and post it, but my conclusion was that global search would have been better addressed by adding a way to edit (and go) any old search term, as it would have solved the same use case, but others as well, and also not messing up old user expectations (and select on click wasn't very useful without global search). I'll post more details if anyone cares.

    Unrelated, but now I would like to get "(VB-30185) Opening [undocked] developer tools in a private windows make vivaldi close after the private window is closed" fixed too, if just complaining about it in the forum helps? :O).

    It's pretty annoying as private window is often useful to work around cache problem when I'm debugging some javascript at work (often the javascript do not reflect new changes, even with ctrl+f5 and private window fix it) and it result in basically a crash of the main window, so the impact is kinda big.

  • @n1ckp Sorry for the not-so-on-topic reply again (I'll try to stop) but to add to the part I talked about select on click, I just found there's actually a setting to disable it for the address bar (since a couple version at least).

    It do not seems to modify the search box behavior and I couldn't find a setting for it either though, but hey I wasn't sure if I liked it in the address bar and now I can actually try, thanks Vivaldi! :o)

    EDIT: After thinking about it, I decided to report the always on select on click of the search box as a bug, reasoning being:
    -From as far as old opera, search field behavior didn't have select all on click
    -When that behavior was changed in 1.7, a setting actually existed for the only other field (at least that I know of) which had that behavior, the address bar
    -The behavior of the search field seems neither linked to the setting of the address bar, nor does it seems to have it's own setting, it just always select all on click

    (VB-33063) Search field was changed from never select all text on click to always while address bar had a setting for it


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