Disabling pop-up blocker

  • A work training website, ran by elogiclearning, is asking me to disable my pop-up blocker in Vivaldi, but, I do not have any extension that is specifically a pop-up blocker, nor could I find any pop-up blocker setting in Vivaldi settings. What could be the cause of this, or, what am I overlooking? Here is the error message:

    "Your course has been launched in a new window.
    We launched your course in a new window but if you do not see it, a popup blocker may be preventing it from opening. Please disable popup blockers for this site."

  • If you click the site info icon (the lock/globe on the left of the address), can you toggle the Popups setting for that website?

  • Thank you, that was the answer! Still figuring out all of Vivaldi's features.


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