GMail "move" or "label" commands VERY sluggish

  • When trying to move a Gmail item to another folder or tag it to another category, I must wait ~10 secs for the dialog box to pop-up.

    Weird. It just started happening. Doesn't happen in Chrome. I've tried logging out and in of Gmail, restarting Vivaldi...all to no avail.


    Dave Courvoisier

  • Moderator

    @courvo - No flippin' way, Dave! You're a Vivaldi fan? I been watching you on TV since we were both young.

    Anyway, I don't suffer such symptoms on Win10, so I recommend you refresh your profile and let me know if it works.

    No, really, man. What are you DOING here?

  • @courvo hi - have you tried dragging a label onto an email instead? that's how I've always done it. used to work great but since 1.8, a bunch of stuff gets highlighted when I do it. I'm on windows 7 x64. interested to see what you get.


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