Right mouse double-click = go to previous page?

  • Is there a way to disable this behavior in the browser? Sometimes I am reading, or worse, writing something and accidentally double-click the right mouse button, finding myself at the previous page. Very disconcerting when i am at a website in a learning program and this happens. I don't need that functionality at all in any browser. How can I turn that off without turning off any other right-click function?

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    @magusat999 Please pay attention. This does not happen due to double-clicking the RMB.

    Right-click does what it should do, it shows the context menu. At the top of the context menu is the command to go back.

    To select this item, you have to move the mouse cursor, so double-click RMB does not go back. Right-click, move cursor, right-click, will do what it's supposed to do.

    And, no, there is no way to disable this feature, nor should there be.

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