"Disable display scaling on high DPI settings" does nothing

  • Hello. I'm using Vivaldi on a laptop with a typical 15.6'' 1080p display. Due to the high pixel density, windows has some scaling options to make things more readable. I don't care for scaling on everything I use, and for some things such as Vivaldi I prefer to have it disabled and read things at their normal ant size.

    Thing is, after some update the option to disable high DPI scaling for Vivaldi stopped working. That's mostly not a biggie since Vivaldi has built-in scaling options and I've been using these to make up for it, running the interface and webpage content at 80%. But as much as that works really well, it feels janky and inelegant to not be able to use the system's settings, and it messes a bit with the display of images (which when set to fit the viewport have black space around them).

    I could very well see this being something on my end due to my system settings, but that used to be an option that worked and which stopped working at some point after updating Vivaldi, so I think it's browser-side.

    alt text


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