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  • Anyone able to get this working/know what it might be that's causing it to only show a black box? Just made the switch from Chrome to Vivaldi and am REALLY liking it, but this is one of my favorite extensions for keeping up with the YouTubes.

  • When I search on the chrome store for "floating for youtube" I get at least 4 extensions with that or a pretty similar name. So which one do you mean exactly?

    https://chrome.google.com/webstore/search/floating for youtube?hl=en-US&_category=extensions

  • Be aware that Google is dropping support for Chrome apps and that they won't be available from the web store in the near-ish future. So if you're talking about the most popular Floating for Youtube, you'll need to find an alternative pretty soon regardless of whether it functions properly- because that extension requires an app so that it doesn't close if you close the main browser window.

    If you don't need it to remain opened after you've closed the main browser, I would suggest you use Youtube in a web panel whenever you need to watch a video while doing something else. It has essentially the same effect as a floating video element, in addition to being able to view comments and browse related/recommended videos.


  • This one does indeed play back youtube videos in a floating player, but it lacks the options of staying on top and seeking forward/ backward in the video.

  • Didn't know about Google dropping Chrome apps (I am the supposed 1% that uses packaged Chrome apps daily). Very sad news indeed.

    Thank you all for the alternative suggestions, I suppose that's the best solution unfortunately. Again, such a shame as this app was both beautiful and functional for my use case of having YouTube playing in a borderless, always on top fashion with nearly full functionality of the HTML5 player.

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    @PLibby Noone has told that such feature cannot be added to Vivaldi at some point. It has been requested in the latest Feature Requests thread. You can be the first one to upvote it. 😉

    It may take some time, as there is a lot of things that people would want to be added or fixed in Vivaldi and the developers are a relatively small team (compared to other companies behind the "big" browsers), but they have a pro-user approach on things.

    Just let me quote Jon von Tetzchner, the Vivaldi's CEO:

    IBTimes: Vivaldi founder Jon von Tetzchner on why Vivaldi is your next browser

    We believe that people are different and they have different preferences. We put in features because people want them to be there. We don't need all the users to ask for something for us to add it in. If one user asks for it and it is something reasonable to do, then we will put it in. That's the basic rule.
    We get a lot of requests, but we cannot do them all at once. But we believe every user should be respected and if there is a requirement we do it. (...)
    We listen to the feedback that we get. We change the browser based on the requirement of the user. Our motto is "when in doubt, make it an option."


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