Chromecast Extension Button Mission

  • I accidentally removed the chromecast extension from Vivaldi. I realize its built in now and all I need to do is right click on a webpage and click cast. In Chrome or Chromium when right clicking to cast the box comes up and then the chromecast extension shows up in the top right. If you right click on that box and choose always show it will stay there.
    0_1491322267630_Screenshot from 2017-04-04 11-00-57.jpg

    In vivaldi that extension does not appear when choosing to cast. Any ideas?

    Also if you right click and choose to cast with vivaldi, the blue cast box comes up and you cant click on anything else when its up. So if the icon did appear for some reason in the top right, you couldn't right click on it and choose "always show".

    Some webpages won't allow you to right click like Spotify Webplayer. So right clicking won't do, I need the extension button.

  • Really??? No one else has this issue? I find that hard to believe.

  • Did you tried the lasted snapshot version yet?
    This was in the changelogs
    Chromecasting Tab is not working correctly (VB-26553)

    You can get this here

  • Yeah I just tried and the same issue is still there.


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