Text becomes blurry after a while

  • All text in the browser (UI and web pages) becomes blurry after a while. I haven't been able to identify exactly when it happens (it seems random), but once it becomes blurry it doesn't go back until I restart the browser.

    I've seen a lot of posts talking about DPI scaling, the device scale factor switch, DirectWrite, installed fonts, etc. This doesn't seem to be related to any of those things because the text is fine for a while, which means it's something internal to the browser, not anything at the OS level.

    Here is a recording of the font becoming blurry (as I toggle back and forth between two tabs for the same page):
    blurry text

    The --disable-gpu flag seems like it might be preventing the issue, but since it only happens randomly I can't say 100%. Obviously running with this flag isn't desirable. None of the other flags/switches I've tried based on searches seem to have an effect.

  • As I look closer at this, it looks like it's actually everything in the browser, not just the text.

  • Correction, it still happens with the --disable-gpu flag (though it might be happening less frequently with it).

    It seems like it might be related to playing Flash videos.

  • I also noticed that the text in the Steam Shift+Tab menu is always blurry, but the text in the normal Steam UI is never blurry. This makes it sound like it could be related to DirectWrite, but it's weird that it switches, and that the disable-gpu flag doesn't work for it.

  • Holy shit, I figured it out. It was easier to test once I realized that Steam was always affected...

    It turns out it was one of the Nvidia Control Panel settings. At some point, FXAA got enabled everywhere. For some reason it only kicked it at random times for Vivaldi, I'm not sure why that is, but I assume it has something to do with Flash player making some GPU calls.

    Nvidia control panel

  • @ExcelKobayashi Could be.
    I never use AA outside games and I've never faced particular issues with rendering on vivaldi.
    If I see something strange, I'll look in video card option - amd in my case 😉
    Maybe a profile for vivaldi, with AA always off will solve forever. (Flash should work fine also without it).

  • I have the same problem with the vivaldi browser being blurry with text and images.

    The video playing in 4K is looking sharp but all the other parts of the Youtube website are blurred just as some (parts) of the tabs on the tabs bar. As you can see it is everything that gets blurry, pictures and text, but not the video itself.

    Here I have set every setting in my Nvidia controlpanel to the Nvidia standard but this didn't fix the problem, it did change but now the blur looks like it goes over my Vivaldi window in bars from left to right.

    It is pretty annoying as it happens when the mouse stops moving for more then 3 or 4 seconds. If the mouse keeps moving inside the window the window stays sharp all the time.

    If needed I will be happy to give logs or so to debug if these logs exist.

  • @ExcelKobayashi - Thanks!! Your tip on disabling FXAA in the NVidia Control Panel worked for me. I had enabled FXAA because it will help in games, not understanding the warning that it's global (and probably will be handled by the games themselves anyway). As a result much text in Vivladi was going fuzzy. It could have taken me many hours to figure this out without your pointer.

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    @Vivipop In NVidia settings you can enable/disable graphics/GPU settings separately for programs.

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