I forgot how I disabled Speed Dial

  • Hi people, I hope you can help me out.

    One of the first things I did when using Vivaldi was to remove speed dial from the start up page. When I open a new tab, it shows me a completely blank page. That's how I usually want it, ever since speed dial was introduced in Opera.

    But now I want to try out the new history view. And I just can't get it to show again. I just can't find any option to disable or enable speed dial. Was the option to enable/disable speed dial removed at some point after I disabled it?

    Please help me out. I don't want to enable it for good just try out the new history view a little bit and change it back to a blank new page. If I have to reset my settings for it to show up again then I'll pass and rather keep it disabled.


  • @grogge What do you have set under "Tools/Settings/Startup - Startup with" .

    If you set it to Start Page, you will get the Vivaldi Speeddial.

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    You can change the "New Tab Page" settings in vivaldi://settings/tabs/ under "TABS" from Blank Page to Start Page.

    To try out the new history page you can either click on Menu > Tools > History or use the keyboard shortcut ([CTRL]+[H] / [⌘] + [H] by default - depending on your OS).

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    @grogge: about:blank is a completely blank page.

  • Dang it! It was about:blank. It's confusing that Vivaldi actually shows a blank page. Most browsers have some sort of landing / start page even on about:blank, so I instinctively thought I have disabled the start page completely.

    Now the most important bit for me is that the history can be reached by its own URL: vivaldi://history.

    That's actually better than using the start page and having to look at spee dial.


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