Private tab + repeated auto reload

  • Hallo, I used Opera since the version 8.5. The present version of Opera is for me very dissapointing. So thank very much for the Vivaldi browser, it really offers the maximum for time-effective web browsing. Since I have not found any remarks in the forum searching I would like to ask, whether Vivaldi team is planning to add the Private Tab possiblity as it was in Opera? It was very effective - it enabled to be logged-in to some pages more times. Another feature which I miss is the automatic reload of the page (I would like to set up the reload frequency manually from seconds to ...). What are opinions of the others to these features?

  • Everything obvious was already asked, and be sure that the team (unlike someone else :evil: ) is well aware of the needs of the Opera/Vivaldi userbase.

    Give them some time. They already did more in 3 snapshots than the Opium team in two years and a zillion of meaningless version numbers.


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