Feature requests for 1.9 / 1.10

  • Cross computer synchronization

    Require synchronize:

    • password
    • history
    • bookmarks

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    @vit1251: As asked and answered over a hundred times, being worked on. Being worked on. Being worked on.

  • Add Session Manager to Panel


  • History for Find in Page


  • Vivaldi in Google Play Store 🙂


  • @Mikefield An android version is in the making but we have to be patient because my guess is that sync and mail will be released before vivaldi for android will.

  • @zaibon Thanks for the confirmation. Any chance to set Android before mail? 🙂

  • Pin tab also for stacked tabs


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    @Mikefield: Absolutely none. Jon's emphasis at this point (and it's unlikely to change) is mail and sync. There are some million or so reasons for this, which will not be debated here, but Android has also been in the works for a while and will float to the top in (I feel) the not-too-distant future.

  • I'd like to see an option to save a webpage as PDF option in capture page, see mock-up.
    And maybe further to that integration into the notes panel.

    0_1494027345302_Save as PDF.png

  • Option in settings to turn off the auto-switching for "Open link in a new tab"

    This has been requested so many times and there were expectations from an year ago, but so far nothing has been done.

    I realize there is the option of "Open new tab in background", but the default behavior for every other browser out there is to not switch to the newly opened tab.

    It works much better when you're opening links in a row and we all know how often that happens. Switching back and forth is counterproductive, especially on a laptop with a touchpad.

    I'm not saying to make it a default like the rest, just give us the option to have that for those of us that want it.

  • Widgets and Sections in the Speed Dial


    Your Speed Dial as a workspace. You can add, create (with some js, maybe) and manage your widgets in the Speed Dial. For example, you want currency converter or password manager in your workspace. You can create a new Speed Dial screen and put common widgets like converters into it or put your narrowly focused widget into some already existed screen, under bookmarks.




    You can move, split and combine your Speed Dial elements into groups. If you have some folders by related themes you can create a section for them and put it wherever you want. If you want to group some folders with bookmarks and widgets and place them outside of the main stream, all you need is a new section. If you want to create a custom menu to the bottom of the Speed Dial screen, you just do it.


  • Toggle status overlay with a hotkey. When the user activates their hotkey to toggle the status bar, it should cycle through all three possible states of the status bar: displayed, overlay, and hidden. Currently, it only toggles between displayed and hidden.

    I usually have the status bar disabled to maximize screen space for content, but I sometimes like to toggle the status bar with a hotkey to take advantage of its features. When I hit my hotkey again the status bar disappears as expected, but I'm left without any status information at all. In order to get the overlay back, I must open up settings, navigate to appearance, and manually set the status bar to overlay. Having to do this frequently enough becomes very annoying.

  • Add an entry in the context menu to hibernate all background tabs except for pinned tabs.

  • @ZombayDaSilva, hello. For now you can use Vivaldi Hooks. Keyboard shortcuts for SD, added GO buttons, unicode domains decoder, hidden Home button, Search Engines favicons to the left of the searchbar... it's really nice, I use it myself.

  • Disable keyboard shortcuts when any Web Panel is under focus.

  • Scroll big images opened by a direct link by left mouse button dragging.

  • Show Icon for current search provider in search bar

  • Allow popups for extensions even though 'open in new tab' option is selected for regular popups

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    @Maniastern Have you tried middle-click?

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