Feature requests for 1.9 / 1.10

  • @Pesala I asked for this feature long time ago. Nevertheless, doing that via DB is pissing me off, especially when you make one change and have to do everything again.

  • Address Auto-complete, Allow option to auto-complete only the BASE of URL.
    e.g. from this "https://forum.vivaldi.net/topic/15385/feature-requests-for-1-9-1-10/431?page=22"
    it would cut the "https://forum.vivaldi.net" and offer it to possible entry. E.I. I am pissed of everytime writing "you.." and get all my bookmarks and visited pages of "Youtube" instead of "http://www.youtube.com" even I wrote that explicitly before.

  • Allow Muting the tab even the tab is not playing any sound.
    Until now you can still mute tab only during some sound is playing from the tab. It is not possible to mute some tab when it is only "beeping" time to time as notification of some changes on website perhaps.

  • @Rexfahrer It's also useful when you have your left hand on the left-side of the keyboard and your right hand on the mouse. I used to enable the Go button in Opera 12 for this reason.

  • @Blueridge said in Feature requests for 1.9 / 1.10:

    There are always lots of requests for having customizable menus, and debate over how tabs should behave and so forth. A good example of how to solve this is the Firefox extension Tab Mix Plus, which has been one of the most popular Firefox extensions since shortly after the browser launched. It allows extensive control over what is in each menu, how tabs open, how things are displayed in the UI and other things.

    The request is for Vivaldi to include full on Tab Mix Plus like customization.

    Instead of having to debate over what should be in which menu and how tabs should work and so forth, each user could instead just set everything to work exactly the way they like. Wouldn't that be better?


    That would be very, very good! One of my favorite extensions!

  • @Stardust With a "Never use proxy" like Firefox has.

    Not sure how this is done with Vivaldi using the system network stack and proxy settings, but built-in proxy settings would be great.

  • @dLeon I don't know how exactly it was implemented in Opera 12, but using the quick download field sometimes worked better than clicking on a link or using the address field. Specifically, it would do a no-nonsense download similar to how wget does where it would just download the file without doing file extension renaming based on mime type etc. Vivaldi doesn't have all the mime type settings like Opera 12 did, so this might not make a difference for Vivaldi though. But, it was a bonus for Opera 12.

  • @silyn said in Feature requests for 1.9 / 1.10:

    an Option to disable Tab Stacking

    a new option to disable tab stacking (completely).
    if more than a dozen tabs are open, its nearly impossible to move a tab, without it merges with another tab.

    for heavy researches vivaldi is not usable

    You already have this option! In Settings> Tabs> Stacking. ☺

  • an Option to display the Tab Bar in multiple rows

    a new option to display the Tab Bar in multiple rows, like much firefox addons can.

    the Tab Bar at the moment can only be changed to, above, bottom, left, right.

  • @JuniorSilva30
    genious! 🙂 i didnt know that.
    i disabled it and totally happy!

    so i missed a changelog entry :-p vivaldi is to fast in making changes

    (i had fear, that vivaldi woulnt do that option, because in the last few presto-opera versions, it was never possible and thats why i used back then, still a much older version)

  • @Pesala

    That's the one feature that would bring me back to Vivaldi and have me purposing it to my clientele.

  • The ability to search history either by pages containing my words OR by Regex.

    Right now I can only search history properly ONLY IF I know the right sequence of words, for example searching for this page is supposed to be like 'feature requests 1.9' and I can't search for pages in history like 'feature 1.9' or 'requests 1.10' and expect Vivaldi to find "Feature Requests 1.9/1.10".

    Most of the time we only have some vague memories of the name of the pages we have visited before and this feature helps really well in finding those hard to find pages...

  • @Blueridge said in Feature requests for 1.9 / 1.10:

    It would be nice if there was an icon to pin open the find dialog so it would stay open with the same words in the input field when you switch to a different tab. This would be very helpful when you're searching a large number of tabs for the same words instead of having to open it for each one.

    The F3 keyboard shortcut is what you're looking for, I think.

  • @Tiamarth An option which lets you choose which webpanel - after what time of inactivity - should unload would be better. So if there are panels I visit every 20 minutes I'd like them already loaded.

  • @opera6rules
    I really miss this feature too!

  • @RammsteinAM
    I would rather go for the possibility to customize menus entirely in the settings. Requested already i the forum elsewhere.

  • Guest profile for better user data protection

    I know only one browser with this feature - Maxthon. In a nutshell if you don't use auto login, you have browser protected via password. It means that you will see your passwords, notes, bookmarks and other settings if you enter your password only. Other users can work in browser, but in guest profile with own settings. No one can see user data from guest profile.

    Many MX users don't notice this, but this is really useful and they understand it if change browser only. And this is the only way to protect your browser what I know. Many people ask about this.

    Other browsers protect user data only online. But if you work on one PC with somebody else no one key (like in new Opera) can not save you from other people's eyes. Because your data is here already and your partner / neighbor / wife can see your browseing histore, read your notes and use your passwords.

  • The ability to sync settings across multiple computers.

  • Moderator

    @paecificjr: in progress.

  • @zaibon That's what I was attempting to describe in my first comment with "after a certain period of time." 😉

    But you did a much better job at clarifying.

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