Extensions from Opera add-ons, the easy way.

  • We already know how to install a chrome extension. Is a bit tricky (nothing that hard for the average Vivaldi user, but still not strightforward) and requires a second chorome browser. I found a different solution. Usable straight from Vivaldi. #1 Go to https://addons.opera.com/en/extensions/ (and choose the extension you want to try) #2 Push the [b]add to Opera[/b] button (the big green one), [b]AND [/b]the tiny link below it [b]"install anyway"[/b]. #3 On step #2 you will get a file with the [b].nex[/b] extension. Just unpack it with 7zip/winrar/whatever. Changing the extension to .zip may be needed depending on the compression sw you're using. #4 Open vivaldi on vivaldi://chrome/extensions and enable the developer mode #5 Push the button [b]"load unpacked extension.."[/b] and point to the folder you have unpacked in the step #3 That's all Remember that not all extensions will work properly on Vivaldi. But, at least, you can try them easily. [b]P.S. Don't forget you have some extensions installed if Vivaldi behaves in unexpected ways, [color=#bb0000]disable [/color]them and [color=#bb0000]check again[/color] before reporting a (supposed) Vivaldi bug[/b]


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