Saving url shortcuts to desktop

  • Is there an extension for saving url shortcuts to the desktop besides the "Save As Shortcut"? I like a right click menu option so I don't have more and more buttons on my bar above. Plus last time I tried to save a shortcut Vivaldi was non responsive so once I restarted it it worked. Seems with this last update to the browser this happens more and more.

  • @RAMWolff
    Not sure if this is what you mean but sounds like you want an easy way to save temporary bookmarks without the clutter.
    What I do is create a "Read Later" folder on my Bookmarks bar.

    You can then click on the "Read Later" folder and "Add active tab" or drag and drop a link to the folder.
    Peek 2017-03-21 09-05.gif

    Every so often clean out the "Read Later" folder using the bookmarks sidebar.

  • @CantankRus Hi, Actually, no, I like to save my shortcuts to my desktop as I need to access them in various browsers. Thank you!

  • Dragging the url/lock icon in addressbar on desktop from vivaldi window create an .url file with webpage name

  • Hmmm that does work but no proper naming convention, just numbers. Perhaps Vivaldi can improve that a bit more then! Thank you!


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