Visa verification issue

  • When purchasing on line and the Visa Verification panel popup for credential it does not submit and the transaction fails. I have to use Internet Explorer to make purchases.

    Has anyone else seen that issue?

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    I cant test as i have no Visa card.

    Perhaps a old bug Vivaldi 1.7 and popup windows. Perhaps it is fixed in 1.8 Snapshot.

  • @apel I have had the same issue constantly using Vivaldi over multiple versions for as long as I have been using Vivaldi (a year or so). Currently using 1.8.770.50 (Stable channel) (32-bit) (it says here). Error has occurred on sites of various concert ticket sellers, Eurostar trains, some others - the transaction fails after the Verified by Visa screen goes away. On occasions I have been able to trigger the transaction by going back a page after the failure message (mostly uninformative site-dependent stuff) appears; other times I just have to run another browser up and go through all the form-filling again.

    This is a major obstacle to recommending Vivaldi to other users.

  • I suppose you mean popup in which you put your code; that's strange, secure pages should work.
    My visa electron works flawless, in any site I used it.
    Can you say what site is?
    What extensions do you have? Sometimes adblockers, script extensions and suspenders can give troubles to them.

  • Sites I have come across it include,,

    The verification screen is something I assume is in an iframe (rather than a popup in the strict sense) which opens from a third party site after you have entered card details, gives you a password check if they think the transaction merits it (or "you do not need verification for this purchase message" otherwise), and then (presumably) passes a token back to the vendor site to confirm the card payment and Ajax its way on to a confirmation page. With Vivaldi, that last bit doesn't seem to happen. I'm wondering if it falls foul of some cross-site scripting protection or similar, but I'd expect to see it being cited as an issue more often if others suffered from it.

    In some instances where tickets are held available on a timer pending payment, I have received a vendor site message that the transaction has timed out, even though it was actually still well within the time originally allotted.

  • verified by visa has been broken for months.

    in chrome, opera, all browsers it loads up but then doesnt actually ask me for a password, it just goes straight through it and approves it.

    i did my groceries earlier in vivaldi. verified popped up, vanished, just got the thank you message.

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    @Albert_Herring Do you block 3rd party cookies by chance? You can turn it off in Privacy Settings: vivaldi://settings/privacy/. This setting basically gives you more privacy but it's also known to break the functionality of some pages that rely on cross-domain data sharing...

  • @pafflick Interesting, yes 3rd party is blocked. I'll try without next time

  • @pafflick Yes, I do. Will try it without.

  • @Dimspace It's not broken AFAIK, they've just toned it down so that it only demands a password for transactions it considers a bit more suspicious, less so with sites you use often (and probably with smaller sums).

  • @Albert_Herring ah ok, that makes sense.

    i cant remember the last time it actually prompted me but then i only use my regular card for grocery shopping, regular bills. anything else i use either paypal or revolut

    i just assumed it was broken, clearly i just never buy anything suspicious 😃


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