do a vivaldi browser subscription thing

  • i think you guys should implement a membership program thing where users who pay for the membership get early access to certain features to help improve your products. that way vivaldi is making money to make there services even better instead of selling cloths to generate revenue , because how is vivaldi gonna get better if things are always free because everything costs to maintain specially when your trying to build a company not funded by venture capitalist put the membership price to like 10 bucks for 1 month 3 months 20 bucks and 1 year for 50 bucks that way vivaldi is getting money to improve and make things way better

  • it's not going to happen

  • @iAN-CooG sorry i have a learning disability im not good at doing that

  • I wouldn´t pay a cent when Firefox, Opera, etc are all free. But you can buy merchandising to support Vivaldi, I suspect that is not going to happen.

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    @Shawn If you want to support the development of Vivaldi browser, you can follow the tips from this article: How to donate to Vivaldi. 😉


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