NO recovery for lost sessions with tabs

  • I do not understand HOW you do not save in History all the saved sessions tabs opened like in old Opera browser!!!

    Example, yesterday my computer crashed for the first time and i restarted it. When i opened Vivaldi, the browser opened in a clean state making me to lose more than 50 active tabs including pinned ones.

    I said, no problem, i go to History and i recover them from there like i was used on Opera, but WOWW, History does not record saved sessions tabs that opens every time with Vivaldi, History shows only newly opened tabs, ignoring opened tabs from saved sessions and thus making my life a nightmare.

    I asked my friend, Mr. Google, maybe he has an answer, and someone said hey no problem, go to trash and you find all of them there, but, again, BIG SURPRISE, trash it is cleaner than never before... yahooo...

    So, the question is if there is ANY idea on how to recover this, because this is not a joke.

    Any ideas?

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    @Enkde - I edited your comment for language.

    In future, please observe the forum rules that you agreed to by signing up here, that you be courteous and respectful. That is the primary condition for being allowed to participate in the forums.

    Thank you.

  • @Enkde -- You jerk. I suspect your chances of receiving help here from fellow users [who are typically fabulous in their generous collegiate spirit of interchange & mutual assistance] are "sub-optimal", given your tirade of OTT profanity & meanness. As for the Devs you have so egregiously insulted, well, you fully deserve the silence that i hope shall ensue. Maybe you might try growing up a bit before your next keyboard assault?

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