Allow untrusted SHA-1 certificates on Vivaldi

  • There's a way to still allow such legacy certificates on vivaldi?
    Chrome has a policy but still doesn't work even if I've enabled, I suspect also about this

    The health system here (ah, Italy) which uses the personal (and quite private) smartcard has an akward security system and is still the only sites in which I have to use firefox.

    It uses:

    • Two root infocert certificates: one is sha1 and the other is sha2 (I had to install them manually)
    • One personal certificate which is sha1 and it was generated by smart card reader (Installed manually)
    • Personal PIN authentication and prompt for accept login via the personal certificate and the aruba/actalis digital signed service used by them. (This step only works only in FF, no prompt or "unsecure connection" in vivaldi anywhere).

    Ok, I dropped the first sha1 root infocert as here seems to be support for sha2 in the site.
    I suspect however it uses mixed sha1/sha2 security.

    What else could I try? 🙂

  • Finally it worked in vivaldi too...
    However, the smart ID here are really, really, a pain xD

    All steps from the begin, consider it just a story now xD

    1. Buy smartcard reader;
    2. Insert card;
    3. No driver for win10 yet - but it works - sort of;
    4. The drivers suggested (not in the producer site) were outdated (XP!!);
    5. Go to the site, grab drivers for reader (for 10);
    6. Go to another site and find an updated driver for ID chip software (was installed a 2009 version!) for your reader (by its code);
    7. Discover you need root certificates; find the right ones, and install them - manually; you should need to install - manually - also your personal certificate, but not always.
    8. Discover you should need a middleware software (always from your producer), install it.
    9. Still don't work; manually set on firefox, find the instructions - install manually again - and it will work;
    10. Update windows again, replug reader and card, bunch of things are installed again, and then works. The pin screen is now windows style, but hey, it works.
    11. Disable all the nasty policies in first post.
    12. Profit(?)



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