Black Screen :/

  • Hi everyone ! (Sorry if i'm in the wrong place to post this)
    I would like to say that i love Vivaldi
    But i'm recently experiencing a issue with the browser :
    Sometimes (very often) when a video start on YouTube my screen become Black for 2-3 secs. (Or when i refresh the page) and it become again black 2-3 seconds 10 seconds after i finish to watch the video.
    It's very annoying

    Aw, i just found out another thing : It's only happening on 1080p vids.
    But it actually happens on other vids if i run them just after watching 1080p vids.
    Ex : If i'm watching my newsfeed on FaceBook it happens everytimes when i scroll down. (Excepts if didn't watch a 1080p vid 15secs before)

    It's very strange and frustrating. It's not happening on Mozilla Firefox thought.
    I already try to disable my plugin/add-on...

  • Does this also happen when you disable hardware acceleration ?

    • vivaldi://chrome/settings/search#hardw
    • untick the box for hardware acceleration
    • restart vivaldi

  • Well, i tried and seems to work ! Thanks ;D
    But i'm not losing too much by disabling hardware acceleration ?

  • @yosbiome said in Black Screen :/:

    Well, i tried and seems to work ! Thanks ;D
    But i'm not losing too much by disabling hardware acceleration ?

    Could say that you're only losing stuff that didn't work :laughing:

  • @zaibon Hi zaibon.
    That doesn't work anymore.

    Can you please tell me how to disable hardware acceleration in Vivaldi Snapshot 1.13.971.8 ?
    I've also been getting black screens.


  • @zaibon said in Black Screen :/:


    for now type

    go to bottom, select advanced, then manually search hardware

  • This seems to be the "updated" direct link since material design setting page
    Not very useful, but it works as search engine XD

  • cool, thanks

  • @dypsis
    Sorry for the late reply - I am on a hiking trip in the middle of nowhere at the moment ^^.
    Just in case you didn't saw the answers - use the URL that @iAN-CooG and @Hadden89 provided.

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