Integrate Vivaldi with Comodo

  • For some reason Vivaldi does not show as a browser option in the Comodo widget. I have to launch Vivaldi from Comodo's 'Run Virtual' option, but would sooner just launch it with a click from the widget, as with the other browsers. Any suggestions?

  • Moderator

    Please ask the Support of Comodo first to fix/update their products so Vivaldi will be supported in future.

  • Ok, so I have done as suggested by Gwen-Dragon, and the suggestion has been moved to the Waiting Area of Comodo's Forums.
    Not sure if this is the best place to post this?, but here is a link to the waiting area, for anyone who wants to upvote this.;topicseen#new

    The more votes it gets the more likely they are to include support for Vivaldi, so please any Comodo users go to the link and vote for Vivaldi support.
    As with any forum you must register, but easy and worthwhile.
    Cheers 🎨


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