Adobe Flash Now Required?

  • Was notified updates were available. Went to apply them. It was for Vivaldi. Pop-up say Flash plugin will also be installed.

    No, it will not.

    I will not have Flash on any of my computers. Period. Please make this an optional plugin the user has to fetch and add. If it's going to be required for Vivaldi, going forward, Vivaldi's coming off my systems.

  • @jseymour
    It's popup on first install/update? or when you on website?

    For me, Flash content just never work on any site who need it. No popup belonged to Vivaldi it self ever occur to me

    I believe the plugin never required.

  • I've never seen any popup telling Flash will be added while installing Vivaldi since 1.0, and infact it's left up to the user to install it, many infact always wondered of the lack of flash support in Vivaldi, flash PPAPI version must be installed manually.

  • @dLeon It's a pop-up that appears when I use the Synaptic package manager to apply the update.

    Ah, this is interesting. If I use apt-get update/upgrade, no demand for flash. Curious.

  • @jseymour
    Yes that interesting and it weird as it could be.
    The only way that could be possible is, if something coded that way.
    What Distro you're in?

  • @dLeon Both Linux Mint MATE. 13 (Maya) at work, 17 (Qiana) at home.

  • @jseymour
    Oh Linux/Mint,
    It's their way too make it easy for user to install non-free binary.

    Judging it seem occur in synaptic, maybe they coded it that way.
    apt, apt-get, aptitude or other command line package managers such rpm and packman most of time untouchable in this departement.

  • I would guess it's synaptic that wants to load flash as a dependency. Just select marked installs and unmark flash, then carry on.

  • My distro, Maui, is Ubuntu 16.04 LTS with Neon repos for rolling-release Plasma5 on top. It uses the Mint Update Manager, & that's how i apply all the V updates, both SS & Stable. It never prompts me for Adobe, at least not in conjunction with any V updates. On the other hand, Adobe Flash is independently installed here via the UM; just not tied to V explicitly.
    Tower & Lappy = Maui Linux 2.1 "Blue Tang" x64 Plasma 5.8.4.

  • Vivaldi recommends adobe-flashplugin and chromium-codecs-ffmpeg-extra.
    Apt in Ubuntu and some other distros regard "recommends" as depends.
    In Ubuntu I can avoid this by installing via terminal using the --no-install-recommends option.

    sudo apt --no-install-recommends install <package>

    The initial downloaded deb package will install via dpkg or gdebi without the recommends but once you have the Vivaldi repo installed, you'll see the recommends when reinstalling using synaptic.
    There is a setting in synaptic preferences to turn off "Consider recommended packages as dependencies"

  • @CantankRus

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