(bug) In saving window, mouse cursor disappear!

  • In the window for saving downloading files mouse cursor disappear! Only in Vivaldi
    I have tried more then 3 other browsers installed on my computer but only Vivaldi do so. I'm a big fan and permanent user and promoter of your great browser feature but I must tell you that is a little bit annoying when it comes to download mail attachments for instance. I hope that is a minor issue and you'll come to fix it without any problem. Thanks and looking forward for your updates!
    Wish you all the success!

  • Settings/Webpages, "hide mouse cursor" is checked? if so, try unchecking it.

  • Unsolved! 😞
    First off all, thanks for your advice! I unchecked the "Hide" box in Settings/Webpages in the Full-screen section. Unfortunately the issue still remain when I try to download a file or an image from the web in the saving windows the cursor became invisible. I can see some mouse-over state when I am moving the mouse or trackpad but is quite difficult to guess and have precision. The cursor became visible immediately after I leave the Save window.
    I repeat that I meet this behavior only in Vivaldi and in no other browser that I have installed.

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    It does seem to be connected with using fullscreen mode, though. If you have not been watching videos in fullscreen, then the bug does not show up. Closing and restarting Vivaldi will immediately fix the problem, until the next time you use fullscreen mode.

    I reported this bug in December. Some bugs are hard to fix.

    (VB-23905) Cursor Disappears when Attaching Files

  • SOLVED! Thank you Pesala. It seems that this is happening after I have used fullscreen mode so restarting Vivaldi, as you suggest, brings me back the cursor in the Saving Files Window. Thank you very much!


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