Named Tab Stacks - Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1.6.682.3

  • Vivaldi Team

    For today’s snapshot we give you the option to name tab stacks, we’ve made improvements to our reader mode, added a fix for the long-standing issue with the mouse cursor displaying in full-screen videos and we fixed a bunch of regressions! We also did a major update of Chromium to 55.0.2883.64.

    See the full blog post here

  • November 29, -0001
    Wow, you implemented time travel in this snapshot.

  • Might get to 0000 until X-mas :-)

  • I suspect it's being reupped as we speak, still not available =)
    edit: now downloading delta update, 8mb. installling… brb

  • all done, now let's test =)

  • "[Windows] Maximized browser window overflows 1-2 pixels onto second monitor (VB-18258)"

    Thank you! This has been a huge annoyance for so long.So glad to finally see it fixed!

    Right-click + ScrollWheel to change tabs doesn't work on websites on which you can scroll, for example I can't switch away from this tab using that method. (Sent bug report)

  • Now I can only have 5 columns in a speed dial. Very annoying I have to reorder everything.
    I use a 1680x1050 monitor, win 10 x64. Maximum columns is set to 6.

  • Moderator

    After writing the new stack name I've hit Enter - to commit the new name - and it ended up opening the tab of the tab stack. Reported as VB-23706.

  • Came here to say that. I was also used to having 6 columns and now they're 5. It would be nice if we could have a fixed number of columns regardless of the window size (by shrinking the thumbnails upon resize). Being able to leave empty spots (à la Opera 12) would also be nice.

  • I'm a little confused with this link about Blue Beanie Day. Why is it writting about Donald Trump? Are Trump supporters writting worse code? Is Vivaldi supporting Hillary? I though that American elections have ended. And that Vivaldi is Islandic.

  • 1. Stack tabs by host automatically names tab-stack (neat)
    2. Select tabs and create tab-stack does not rename (good)

    @mozpri Speed-dial options are on the list as common feature requests. You can get more speed dials by reducing the UI Zoom in Settings, Appearance.

  • Sync in 2016 its possible?

  • The best option is to have free hand in specifying how many columns an user want to have. So, please switch combobox in settings for a textual inputfield with some validation (eg. 1-42?). An expectable behaviour is then to scale speed dial items appropriately to given column count with respect to aspect ratio of them. Thx.

  • Regression: Vivaldi crashes with a tab stack moved to another window and back to the original, it was fixed (partially) and now is back.

    • group 2-3 tabs as tabstack
    • move tabstack to a new window, then back to the original. Not all pages in the same stack are rendered.
    • either ungroup the stack, and move all the tabs to new window again, or move the partially rendered stack to new window. Vivaldi closes.

  • Another thing to be fixed: F4 and F6 (and the menus for the same functions) should be inactive when in fullscreen (F11), else the side panel don't appear anymore until Vivaldi is closed and run again

  • What does VB-22113 refer to? What tab feature is being disabled on Sierra?

  • The mouse pointer disappears now on full screen videos when not moved, and reappears on mouse movement. thumb up

  • I say! It's getting better.
    Thank you and congratulations!

  • Deleting typed history in address bar works OK with both shift-del and using the [X] with mouse. In the Search field it only reacts to the [X], but not with shift-del.

  • I'm confused. I assume the version jump is because of the Chromium update but the previous snapshot release was in the branch. Will that be abandoned or is it working towards a stable update?

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