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  • Vivaldi Team

    With each update we continue on our mission to shape the world’s best user-centric browser. The latest version of Vivaldi is no exception and includes a number of new features that we can’t wait for you to try!

    New and improved tab functionality, reader mode and a smart-home lighting integration that will change the way you think about what a web browser can be – read on for the details or get down to business and download Vivaldi now:


    See the full blog post here

  • congragulations…

  • Thanx !!!

  • Impressive changelog.:-). So what now? Maybe mail client? :-)

  • Moderator

    Thanks :) very good job!

  • Vivaldi Translator

    Any chance to support also some hue light alternatives? :)
    Like mi.light and so on… Thanks a lot! )

  • Moderator

    I don't think so, maybe in 2.0. I suppose :confused:

  • :(

  • Fifth mainstream release, and still no decent HTTP Referer support -> VB-18362
    A blocker for Opera 12.x replacement in my case.

  • After just a few minutes of using Vivaldi 1.5, I feel more comforted than ever in my choice of making Vivaldi my main browser. Congratulations Vivaldi team ! :D

  • The main reason why I use Vivaldi is the web panel functionality, especially to play youtube video's in the background. Unfortunately the video stops playing when the web panel is minimized since I installed the latest version. I don't want everybody around me to see I'm playing TY video's at work. Is there any way around this?

  • zoom 200% doesn't work (8 or ctrl-8 or shift-8). windows 10 b1607 education x64. can anyone confirm?

  • Unfortunatley i do not have a hue. :-(
    Still open:
    (VB-23180) default-zoom is reset to 100% for links opened in Background
    (VB-23181) Sometimes Links of closed website are opened

    Also Mouse cursor is showing wrong crusor when hovering over links, if you did fast forward gestures

  • [Windows] Cannot set Vivaldi standalone as default browser on Windows 7 (VB-22104)

    so finally set vivaldi as default browser, trying it out now!!

  • Congrats guys ! Keep it up !

  • I'm not sure if this is a bug or a Youtube "feature": on mobile device, YouTube automatically pauses the video in background (like on any smartphone I think).
    Anyway, Vivaldi let you choose between the mobile and desktop version of a website in a webpanel: right click on the web panel icon, and switch to "desktop version" –> the video should continue to play even in background ;)

  • Moderator

    Yop, it is known bug. Just switch to Show Desktop version :) Then it works fine

  • Does anybody know, how to change size of web pages in web panels? After this update everything has optimal size, I can now set 100% page size an 100% size of Vivaldi´s UI, but pages in web panels are just huge. Is there any way to change it? Thanks

  • Yep, very impressive! Nice work guys!

    Personally, seeing that they have worked on tabs in 1.5, I now hope for enhancements in tab stack management (better and immediate visualization/selection of the stacked tabs, reorganization, easier stacking…)
    For example, the way Opera 12 had to expand and minimize a tab stack was very clever, and much more efficient IMHO :)

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