Minor update to Vivaldi 1.0

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    Shortly after the release of the final we were informed of an issue that could allow a malicious website to trick a user into thinking they were surfing on a different domain. Since we take our users security very seriously, we got this fixed immediately and have just issued a minor update to version 1.0. Windows and Mac users will receive the update via our autoupdate system. Linux users should receive an update via our deb and rpm repositories. You can also download new builds from vivaldi.com.

    We also took this opportunity to address a small issue that several of you had informed us of regarding Notes.

    See the full blog post here

  • Thanks for looking out for us, guys!

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    when will we see the sync feature?

    just asking. im using opera for that right now. not a big problem but absolutely a must have.


  • Are there any plans to bring Vivaldi to Android and/or iOS?

  • Wow. Realy, vivaldi is awesome and you guys 😃

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    Thanks for the fast fix of security bug!

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    Are there any plans to bring Vivaldi to Android and/or iOS?

    Android, yes, but later. That may take some months, i heard. Other parts of Desktop version have to be done first 😉

  • I'd also like to say that for the last many snapshots, whenever I toggle the panel to appear in the browser in and out, a lot of webpages flicker when I do that, like vivaldi.net does, Facebook seems to do it, etc. And this didn't happen before some snapshots ago. Other than that and the UI performance of the panel and tabs, I do like the finished product for the most part. 🙂

  • I am very happy! Thank you for listening to users! I hope to continue with this mentality!
    The browser this very good! It is my default browser! I see no need to open another browser! Vivaldi's work account. 😃
    Thank you for this great browser!
    Continue with this great work!
    Expecting much by the email client 😃
    sorry for my English 🙂

    Estou muito feliz! Obrigado por ouvir os usuários! Espero continuar com essa mentalidade!
    O navegador esta muito bom! É meu navegador padrão! Não vejo necessidade de abrir outro navegador! Vivaldi da conta do trabalho. 😃
    Obrigado por este grande navegador!
    Continue com este grande trabalho!
    Esperando muito pelo ciente de e-mail 😃

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    and here we go again.

  • If anyone knows how to trick Vivaldi into working properly on Win10 14316, I'm all ears. Vivaldi is one of several programs that uses a particular system font, apparently, and that font, which is used in numerous places in Vivaldi, including the address field and tab names, is extremely small and narrow.

  • Will snapshot user also receive the security fix?
    I like it "here on the cutting edge" ^^ and I think I will stay on this release channel to test the newest features first. 🙂

  • Thank you Sajadi for reiterating some of the issues that I have with Vivaldi. 🙂

  • I love this browser and it's getting even better every time.

    The main concern I have right now is with capturing events, like when you press CTRL+B to set bold font and the bookmarks panel gets opened. Is it planned to fix that soon?

    Many thanks!

  • Definitely a must have and it is being worked on. Not possible to give any specific timelines, but it will come WIR. You will learn as first here on this blog. 🙂

  • Definitely there are plans to bring Vivaldi on mobile. Cannot confirm any OS or the timelines though. We will yet need to see. 🙂

  • Yes, it will be fixed with the next snapshot. 🙂

  • Are there more customization options for the Speed Dial coming in the near future by any chance?

  • Thank you for letting know. It is known and worked on.
    However there is a temporary workaround available in 1.0 Final and you will get it in the next snapshot too. An option has been added to switch off all shortcuts - so they do not get in your way when you edit a formatted message. And you can even set a shortcut to to switch off shortcuts. 😃
    Once you are done with editing the message, you can switch shortcuts back on in Settings -> Keyboard section.

  • Speed Dial will continue to be improved. This is just a start. 🙂

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