Snapshot 1.0.435.24 - A fix for encoded URLs

  • Vivaldi Team

    A small update with a fix for % encoded URLs, that caused particular problems for our Japanese users.

    See the full blog post here

  • hope u can fix IDM extension before final
    IDM still not work properly

  • Bugs:

    • Context menu of web panels is unreliable. After some right clicks (two-finger taps on trackpads) it never shows up again: VB-14813 (OSX)
    • Tab stack indicator invisible if native window is used: VB-12504 (OSX)

    Feature Request:

    Reported before:

    1. VB-11751 Opening links from other applications does not bring fullscreen Vivaldi to foreground. (potential showstopper for me.)
    2. Esc closes in-page search bar but exits fullscreen mode at the same time on OSX. Same for maximized videos in fullscreen mode. I'd expect that Esc exits full screen only if in-page search bar is already closed and no video is maximized. Otherwise close bar or minimize video first, respectively. (VB-11105 put in concrete terms.) (really irritating)

  • Friendly reminder (for you to get me sharing Vivaldi 1.0 with my friends)

    List of issues that keeps me from using sharing Vivaldi with friends:
    (VB-14428) [regression] facebook 'auth dialog' do not close itself – nor log you in
    (VB-13732) Some part of Vivaldi are not added to transifex for translations – chromium strings

    I can provide more info and more test cases for both issues if needed.
    So far so good! just 2 issues ATM is not bad at all 🙂

  • Steaming.

  • How to crash Vivaldi in 10 seconds

    Copy the character U+FDD0 (﷐) into address line and press enter.

    Isn't this a too easy way to crash an application? I wouldn't enjoy breakfast knowing this.(Have reported it before: It happens at least on WinXP and Win7 with a portable installation.)

  • Please, fix vertical scroll bar before 1.0. VB-11988 + try to scroll any page by mouse pointer. Right half of scroll bar did not draggable. I can scroll only by left half of scroll bar…

  • confirmed…
    W8.1 x64 with this x32 build

  • Hallo Danke 🙂
    Ich hoffe mal nicht das das ein April Scherz ist 😃 🙂

  • "Insert note" option, please. 😞

  • It must be so
    "Show Tab Thumbnails": now tabs can't be resized when the option is disabled

  • Need the ability of changing text encoding. (I requested this many months ago.)

    There are a lot of useful webpages that fail to declare correct text encoding, such as

    Yes, it's the fault of the creators of such pages, but they are useful and currently it's entirely impossible (as far as I know) to view them on Vivaldi, which is annoying.

    All major browsers include a menu item to select text encoding under the "View" menu.

    I fear this shortcoming may give a bad impression on new Asian Vivaldi users when the Final is released.

  • Phew! Thanks for fixing the "%" problem of the address bar. I was bewildered by it.

  • After using Vivaldi, it's sometimes very reluctant to give up the focus. If I minimise it, it pops back up, and if I alt+tab to another application, Vivaldi comes straight back to the foreground

    (Vivaldi 32b on Win 7 64b)

  • Moderator

    VB-14802 – Translation bug of P&G and Page Actions in the polish language
    (VB-14822) In Search Field none of the search engines do not show search suggestions

  • Moderator

    I may wait a while before installing this update.

    Haven't you guys implemented face gestures yet?

  • Thanks!

    Not sure if it happened with the last snapshot but web panel reverts to the desktop version of the site even though it is set to mobile. Explicitly typing the mobile URL"" as a fixes this though. But of course there's no point of the desktop/mobile setting anymore if you do that. VB-14816

  • After yesterday's remarks re 64-bit I thought I'd try it. The download left me with a blank white screen instead of the Speed Dial. No big deal of course, but still…
    W8.1, 4GB RAM, Asus 'notebook' netbook 1GHz AMD processor.

  • 'tools>settings>webpages>default character encoding' change to Japanese and reload page.
    It's not ideal but it works.

  • Great work :), still waiting for the following which were raised in early Feb:

    When NO IMAGES are selected, the image placeholder should remain, and show the ALT NAME (text) of the image - so you know an image was present there, but not displaying. There is no ALT TEXT of the image showing. So it simply looks like white space when images are turned off, not correct….

    A new tab opened from with NO IMAGES set should inherit NO IMAGES, but it does not. It defaults to SHOW IMAGES.

    There is no method to keyboard toggle images ON/OFF/CACHED

    Once implemented I can finally move away from Opera/Presto 12.18 :!:

    Any update please?

    Surely these must be candidates before the release, it is a little unbelievable they have been missing for so long already :shock::(


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