Snapshot 1.0.403.15 - Session management and other important updates

  • Vivaldi Team

    Our meetup in Iceland was very effective and today we have a new snapshot for you with many important fixes and features, including a new tab session manager!

    See the full blog post here

  • Finally! Thanks for the new snapshot!

  • thanks. The progress bar seems quicker.

  • Finally! I'll check it out!

  • Thank you for the new build!

    • Still no support for middle click (open in a new background tab) for Bookmar Bar subitems.

    • If you click to extension icon (in address bar) should open the popup (that's ok) but if you click again in the extension icon, the popup should be closed (now it is open again).

  • yay!

  • Middle click on tab bar for new page, please please please.

    Meanwhile, good job so far, best browser since o12 for sure.

  • THANK YOU!!! Now I can breathe, phew … Sessions - awesome.

  • I love all the progress you made so far. Finally sessions! I like also Click to play for plugins (at least those outdated ones :)).
    Now perhaps it is time to be able to turn off automatic updates of extensions. 🙂

  • As far as I can see there's no way to delete sessions at the moment, is that correct?

  • Please add the "Insert note" option, I have to use an extension for this. 😞

    At least now I can remove the session manager extension. 🙂

  • Correct. But keep calm, it will come in the next regular snapshot. ^_^

  • You asked for feedback on the new session management feature, here is mine: Having regular session management functionality is certainly better than not having it. I would, however, like to strongly encourage you to take a look at the Chrome extension Tabs Outliner (which also works with current versions of Vivaldi) to see what is possible if session management is not limited to just saving/restoring a group of tabs. At first glance, Tabs Outliner is not particularly pretty, but it illustrates how powerful of an approach it is to not artificially separate session management, bookmark management and window management.

    This video gives a decent overview of how insanely useful it is to seamlessly transition between active tabs, hibernated windows/tabs, named lists of tabs, which can be organized in subfolders, etc.

    Especially for a power user browser such as Vivaldi, implementing such advanced session management and organization features would really be a good fit.

  • Major bug: Trying to delele an extension freezes Vivaldi.

    Vivaldi 64bit, Win 10

  • Thanks for this new build!

    On Ubuntu 15.10 (x64) Vivaldi has problems with autotyping login data from KeepassX. Instead of filling the data into the login form, Vivaldi opens the menu and some submenus, focuses the url bar or does other seemingly random things like page zooming or searching the site for strings which are probably part of the auto-typed login data.
    It seems that Vivaldi recognizes the auto-typed keys as if the "Alt" key was pressed too and performs the corresponding shortcut commands.

    A few snapshots ago I reported this issue just before the next snapshot arrived. Maybe it was "swept away" by the sensations of the newer snapshot, so I'm not sure if it got any attention back then. If so, please excuse the double posting.

  • Thanks for Session Management!

    I encountered a minor bug regarding session management.
    Whenever I try to save a new session with the same name as an already saved session, no warning appears.

  • Great improvements! I like the little tweaks in tab stacking's design and the new ability to save sessions, and I am glad to see a final release is coming shortly. It does work a bit faster, but the icons in the menus main Vivaldi menu aren't there anymore (those in the Bookmarks Bar work just fine). For now, no other issues.

  • Still no fix for hotkeys on Russian layout on OS X. I can't use a browser where my hotkeys don't work half of the time.

  • Startup is now so fast!!! I can't imagine how fast will be when all optimizations will be implemented. Good job guys! Keep it up good work! 😃

  • Thanks Vivaldi Team. o/


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