Snapshot 1.0.340.7 - Silent Tabs For Users, Netflix support and HTML5 notifications

  • Vivaldi Team

    Today's snapshot introduces a new feature, something we internally call “Silent Tabs For Users”—an easy way to kill annoying sounds in the browser. We also added Netflix support, HTML5 notifications and of course fixed a bunch of bugs.

    See the full blog post here

  • Thanks

  • Will be testing…

    Sidenote, HTML5 test detects you as Chrome Dev.

  • Hi guys,

    thanks for the update.
    I've noticed that, when I focus the search field with Ctrl-K in a new tab for the first time, the search field immediatly lost the focus. I must use the mouse to enter text in this field.
    Linux 64-bit

  • while you in the mood giving kinky names to features
    you could add like button on toolbar and call it a Kilgrave
    …just saying 😛

  • Is still way to import bookmarks from Opera at least the old(proper) one?

  • thanks for great browser!
    as i write before i wish vivaldi to be my next browser for everyday usage but i need normal portability, so i repeat my questions:
    1. extensions disappearing after start on other pc
    2. standalone vivaldi creates alot of keys in registry
    3. portable plugins (copy to vivaldi folder and use it, example - flash)
    can someone please tell me is that issues fixed or will be fixed (is there plans for normal portability). on this depends if i will look for vivaldi development and use it in future

  • since a bunch of snapshots I wanted to say thank you for smooth mouse gestures :!: More or less they are as fast as in O12 (also they're until today not so customizable)

  • The following are a few more essential things that are needed before we move to final. With each one checked off, we get closer!

    Whoa, easy guys! Make SURE to improve UI responsiveness, which currently is extremly slow, even on my i7. Compare Vivaldi to Opera - it's like hell and heaven. DO NOT - I'm begging you - release "stable" build ignoring UI speed work. You will fail at your "first impression".

  • Please. Don't forget about the number one feature your users are requesting, both on Reddit and in your forums. Detachable tabs !!!

  • Yes! More updates! Thanks for fixing the crash on Shitf+Esc and for silent tabs! Really appreciate it!

    But above anything else, I want performance improvements. It's not rare for Vivaldi to use 100% of my CPU power, while no other program manages to reach the same numbers, not even full screen games on high configuration settings.

    And again, still waiting for more rows and columns on Speed Dial. Also, the issue with thumbnails has never been gone for me.

  • For me it says "You are using Vivaldi 1.0 on Windows 8.1"

  • I agree, Vivaldi is just not at the same level with Chrome, Opera and Firefox when it comes to snappiness. There's still a lot of work to be done.

    And I don't know how you can be talking about going to final with a browser that's supposed to be very customizable for the power user, when there's still no way to set the behaviour for closing a tab!

  • I find the gestures to fail at times.
    The feature in Opera12 and 15+ seems to be better at recognizing the pattern.

  • I tried using Vivaldi on my old Ultrabook. It was a horrible experience 😞
    Sure, other browsers were not super fast. But Vivaldi really struggled to run.

  • STFU facepalm.
    You want suggestions, I am yet to see this in any other browser but i think it would be cool if it could recognize when the audio comes from live stream and then work as now or it comes from a clip that I would like to pause instead of mute.
    Example:Sometimes i listen to a lecture from youtube in the background tab and i don't want to miss a word so now i have to get this tab to focus and pause and go back to where i was before.

  • The Youtube HTML5 player is broken for some VP9 videos (example: You get a playback error page, the page quickly reloads and the video plays using the flash player. I reported this as VB-10444 but I entered the wrong Youtube url in my report 😕

    I'm using an extension to play/pause videos using my keyboard media buttons and, since it doesn't work with the flash player, this is the only thing keeping me from switching to Vivaldi as my main browser.

    The updates (and the rate at which they are coming out) is awesome. Keep up the good work!

  • you're right. Vivaldi should be all about: speed, features and customizability.

    Currently we only have some nice features, some of must-have features are missing, some of important, core things are also missing.

    Browser UI speed is a very big issue.

    Customizability barely exists (choosing light/dark and position of tab bar is a nice start, but only a start), I understand "customizability" as at least "put your own buttons anywhere you like it", like in Opera12. Not to mention full themes support etc.

    Vivaldi should just release another Beta (Beta2, then Beta3, etc) in next half a year, and that's it

  • The video is working for me. Are you sure Vivaldi's to blame?

  • Seems I forgot a crucial detail once again…

    This only happens on OS X. I've tried on 2 OS X machines, 2 Linux machines and 1 Windows machine. It works on everything but the Macs.


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