Vivaldi launches its first beta

  • Great work guys ! I'm encountering keyboard focus issues sometimes : for example, I'm chatting with Hangouts in a Gmail window, and whenever I'm pressing Enter (to submit a message), focus goes to Downloads tabs, hence opens my latest downloaded file.
    Anyone experienced this before (not a big deal though) ? I'm running on ArchLinux with latest Plasma (5.4.2) installed. Best regards and keep up the good work đŸ™‚

  • As an addition for linux users: i mounted the folder ~/.cache/vivaldi-snapshot with tmpfs and made a link from ~/.config/vivaldi-snapshot/Default/Top\ Sites to that .cache folder. Works flawlessly (if you have enough ram).

  • One thing which would be handy was the little programmable page reload that used to be on Opera. Some sites (Craigslist, for example) update automatically but I cannot see this without manually reloading the page. Would this be possible?

  • For the time being I use FormBox.

  • Its Awesome from lots of browsers I've tried…

    1. Faster Startup
    2. Fast Response to Link Clicks (Opening in new tabs)

    I set it as my default Browser but went back 2 chrome cause of these reasons..
    Mostly I'll be my Favourite Browser in 2 Years....

  • Hi!

    Please add these mouse settings! -> Clikk the wheel botton and the bookmark bar favourite is open the new tab! Please! I like this browser! Sorry for my English!

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