Snapshot ( Updated tiling and tons of polish

  • Hey all,

    Things have been very busy after a few days of Easter vacation. We are getting close to another TP and we are spending a lot of time on bugs and polish.

    See the full blog post here

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    Let me be the first to thank you all for this one.

    I have not tried it yet, so nothing else new to say for now.

    (But please review my previous suggestions/wish-lists in the earlier snapshot blog threads, and in the forums, especially regarding UI flexibility issues - Thanks.)

    Cheers ! 🙂

  • it's kinda hard to notice the "unread" tab indicator. But to be fair - doing it is a good way but could be done better => In other than grey scale since all tabs (other than active) are yet in grey scale.
    screenshot - tabs are placed on the left

    anyway, 2nd related bug/issue is that I know that it's unread… but since I had not visited the page yet. There is no visual thumbnail. Would be also great to see the preview (thumbnail) even if not visited.
    edit: using W8.1 x64 with this x32 standalone install

  • hui! My submitted bug (VB-4604) was fixed. Really cool. 🙂

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    UPDATE :

    Well the auto-updater of the last build works smoothly ! (Win32 Standalone/Portable) 🙂

    It even gives a final prompt before it proceeds to install what it downloaded.

    And you are correct about it orphaning and forgetting my existing profile after doing today's update.

    So I exited Vivaldi and renamed the folder called 'User Data' to some other name, renamed the folder called 'Profile' to 'User Data', and relaunched the browser.

    It then remembered my previous settings, bookmarks, and old session, including tab stacks and tiles.

    So far, so good. 😎

  • Fifth !

    Thanks for the great progress and please consider this request :

    "Ctrl + Shift + C" to take a note instantly instead of right clicking on a selected text… just like Opera used to...

    And this time I'll just shut up and stop nagging about Performance (but it still needs a lot of work !)

    Thanks !

  • Middle button still doesn't work on top level of speed dial (a regression introduced some builds ago)

  • I have a big stash of Opera 12 notes imported. When I click fold arrow on "Imported from Opera" folder, everything works fine. But then - now mater how much I click on the arrow or folder name, I cannot unfold it again. This is actually a showstopper for Opera 12 migration 🙂

  • Is it possible to get vivaldi://bookmarks back? I used to use this to export my bookmarks with this command. I can still do this by uninstalling the new version and installing an older version of vivaldi. it's just a pain

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    Known and already in queue for fix

  • Ambassador

    A surprise update going into the weekend. You folks are awesome! Thank you so much.

  • Unable to customize keyboard shortcut.

    Also, can you make it possible to open new tabs in tab stack and also re-arrange tab order in tab stack.

    Vivaldi 64bit, Windows 8

  • Bug: When I log-in to some sites and then navigate to another page within the site, it asks me to log-in again. This happens on this and the last build, the builds before that worked just fine.

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    To help combat the emptiness leading up to today's Vivaldi snapshot :lol: , I installed and played with Opera 12.17, and I wanted to share what I achieved with the help of a few others in one of the Vivaldi forum threads.

    This is a permalink to the forum post with my latest screenshot :

    It could be food for thought for the already overworked but dedicated Vivaldi team.

  • Vivaldi Translator

    old regression: mouse gesture not working … (Linux/Xfce)

    Planned option with Import Data from Opera 15+?

  • when you right click a tab and the pop up menu comes up, clicking new tab in the list doesn't work….
    also, can you make it so you can drag a tab out of tab stack? It makes it so that if you have a bunch of tabs in a tab stack, and have one tab in the group you want to tile with another tab, which is maybe in another tab stack, you can still be able to tile the two tabs without ungrouping the tab stacks...
    and it also helps if you unintentionally put a tab in a tab stack, and don't want to ungroup the other stuff in the tab stack..

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    Actions such as opening, closing and moving tabs around are still very clunky and nowhere as smooth as in Opera. Same goes for the mouse gestures which are barely usable. The UI in general still needs some performance improvements to make this browser relevant, for me at least.

    I know this may seem like complaining, and it is, as I did in previous builds as well but I only do it because I truly care about seeing this browser succeed given its premise. I hope the devs will understand.

  • VB-4768: vivaldi://settings forwards to wrong page

    Was it supposed to be fixed? It autoappends "page" to "settings":-

    There are no scrollbars on the page so it doesn't really work unless you just want to change the top of the list like: default browser, home page, tabs, address bar and part of the bookmark bar.

    Refreshing the page works but doesn't add scrollbars
    Clicking any of the categories works but doesn't add scrollbars

    The Settings page displayed from the Tools menu picklist works fine and has scrollbars.



    XP Pro SP3 32-bit Limited User account | Vivaldi x86 32-bit v1.0.151.7

    • I still have black speed dials for around 4-5 seconds for the fist view of the speed dial page on each browser restart.
    • The middle mouse click on speed dials and bookmarks still doesn't work.
    • The tile function in the status bar doesn't work directly after creating a tab stack. I need to change the tab first.
    • There is no setting (in the settings menu) to disable the paneel. I can only switch between left and right there, but need to use the status bar icon to close it.
    • The folder name for the second (and following) speed dial folders is wrong.

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