Snapshot now available

  • @Deyirn:

    On Snapshot Vivaldi can install extensions directly from the Chrome Web Store, which means:

    • Adblock

    • Popup block

    • Smooth scrolling

    whatever you can think of 🙂

    I tried to install Session Buddy a couple days ago, but it doesn't work, showing just an empty screen. There is no button or menu to reach extensions' page, but you can just type in address line


    and you'll see what extensions you already have. Extensions you already installed in Chrome will be here as well. So formally you can install them, but in my case SessionBuddy is nonfunctional. I bet others will be nonfunctional as well. Hope next snapshot will fix that.

  • I think the download process should have its own tab, panel is just a shortcut, it isn't enough when I need a big view. History and bookmark have their own tab but still lack of space because of 2nd tab (I don't know how to describe this term) this may occupies not big space but still it make the bookmark page and history is so small and narrow to me, especially when normal tab and bar of vivaldi is bigger (use more space) compared to opera already Can you see there that in opera 12 there is very much space to show bookmark and the separate folder tree and bookmark make it easy to organise while in vivaldi there is not many space and and additionally the bookmark folder and bookmark link in same tree make it harder to manager.

    For example, I am on a middle of a 100 bookmark folder (folder x), there is a folder above or below (folder y) that I want move some bookmark in x to y now what I must do? Scrolling through nearly 50 bookmark or more to get to the destination folder in a very narrow space which means take more scrolling?

    Some more thing:

    • no recycle bin or trash folder for bookmark, what if some time I need to find something I deleted by a mistake or I just think I didn't need it, but later I found out that it's still important
    • when use left mouse holding a bookmark, scrolling don't work so the only way to more further is move the mouse while keep holding to top or bottom of the list and wait until going to the destination folder. That take time a lot
    • bookmark filter work with folder name also but somehow when clicking on the folder while using filter, nothing happen

    Mouse gesture: there's still no most important gesture: open new tab. Why there's close tab with down+right but not open new tab with down? Some can just use Ctrl+T but I just not always in the right time to do that. One more, mouse gesture don't work with speedial (I tried with down+right)

    Tabstack: there's no way to get a tab out of stack as I tried all way I can think of, no expand stack either, and it take more moving to move a tab to a stack compared to opera 12

    No download folder option: as I tried to find it in setting. In fact, I prefer download option for each file extension like this though I mainly use download manager (internet download manager) but for some torrent file I can add it directly to torrent client without download torrent file => go to download directory and find torrent open torrent in torrent client

    Bug: can't close setting window (the quality of the gif is bad so you can't see the change in color when I click close button but I actually did)

    There is no extension/add-on tab in setting. I know the fact that there's no extension developed for vivaldi but when the time come there will be so I think having it first to prepare is better

    I know you staffs are working hard to bring us opera experience back, so that is something I want to say your vivaldi's still need to develop to catch up opera 12 which in 2 year has no update

    Just personal feeling: I feel like this kind of preference/setting is easy to handle, less scrolling and neatly

  • Just gave the Vivaldi tech preview 2 a good trial - I am very impressed! I have made it my default browser already. I particularly like the speed dial. I see many are keen to see extensions - I am happy for them to wait indefinitely because as far as I can see they will only slow things down. I suggest just keep the core fast and simple and fix the obvious bugs.

  • No comments on the reference to Prof. Hubert Farnsworth? :shock:

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