New snapshot - Now with 32 bit Linux

  • Hey,

    Last week, we worked on the first iteration of bookmark bar among many other fixes listed below. The bookmark bar is still very much work in progress, but please take it for a spin.

    It works little differently from Chrome, as user can decide what folder to set as bookmark bar.  You can place it at the bottom if you like to.

    We now offer 32 bit Linux version as many people asked for it!  Let us know how it works :-)

    See the full blog post here

  • Happy to see a 32 bit Linux release, and happy to see a devblog, the only missing thing is the rss feed for this blog :)

  • Ctrl + Z! My old friend. We meet again!
    And also the middle click on Speed Dial… if Shitf + Left Click is back to close tabs, the family will be all reunited!

    Edit: I've tried opening pages in the background by middle clicking on the Speed Dial, but nothing has changed.

  • Hello! Please add particular RSS feed for Team Blog. Thank you.

  • When will be possible to select a download folder?

  • Tilting scroll wheel doesn't work (Logitech M560)
    But works with Opera 27 & Firefox (Back/Forward)

    please fixed VB-3431 (wrong V-menu position)

  • Thanks for the update… I've been waiting a week for it... Starting tests on my favorite browser !
    You added a feature (Bookmarks Bar) in 1 Week which ChrOpera took more than a month to implement... there's something to be seen here...

    1. 'Ctrl + Z' or 'Ctrl + Shift + T' isn't working for me.
    2. What exactly does "Transparent Tabs" do ?
    3. Bookmarks : Middle-clicking on bookmarks is a must have
    4. Bookmarks : When clicking on a folder, it opens but when hovering over other folders they won't open and show their contents unless explicitly clicked.
    5. When reporting issues, please show the Issue ID so that we'd know when it has been fixed.
    6. when dragging tabs on each other, the lower tab would move to open a gap so that the current dragged tab would fill its place. the problem is that the lower tab does not move completely and a part of it is always stuck behind the dragged tab (while holding mouse button). it should work like Opera 12.X
    7. There's still a long way for a smooth experience with Vivaldi because of the performance issues and laggy behavior… But I'm sure you'll do fine.

  • Thanks for the new snapshot and the Ctrl + Z, one of those small but really important functions.

    Along those lines, I haven't been able to find a keyboard command to open address bar entries in a background tab. Most browsers use (on mac) cmd + enter. I use this function all the time. Can someone please tell me if it exists on Vivaldi? If not, I would love if that were added. Thanks!

  • RSS on the blog is very very very important to keep feed us with the latest news!

  • Moderator

    Hadn't tested CTRL+Z yet, it's really cool! Thanks for the preview of boomarks bar too.
    Now, waiting for Paste&Go, Right-click+Wheel to cycle tabs, native content blocker among my other preferred bugs :D
    Great job devs!

    EDIT: I'd be ashamed, but what is "Transparent tabs" (in options) ?

  • Will you enable NPAPI (Netscape) plugins? They are essential on 32bit Linux.
    I understand why they were disabled in Blink but I need them!

  • Moderator

    First orders of business for the Bookmarks Bar of course will be to allow it to be set at right or left side as well, and permit it to display favicons only, no lablels. First iteration - great!

  • When we can see the mail thing working?

  • BTW, Can you implement middle-click in 'Recent closed tabs' menu? It could be useful!

  • Bookmarks bar, ctrl Z, re-open tabs, cool stuff ! Great job guys !

  • 32 bit release it's a huge effort for us Linux users that ask for this build, And I thank all of you Vivaldi Team. Any chance to get the buildings in .tar.xz format? :D (manjaro user here)

  • no resume link?!! seriously?

  • Restart profile and it will work.

  • ctrl+z is not working on my windows 7 x64.
    Thanks for the bookmarks bar preview and middle click behavior. :D

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