Windows Insider builds and the default browser

  • A curious thing happened today with the release of Windows Insider 15025: Vivaldi remained my default browser afterwards.


    Any regular Windows Insiders here to provide context? I've only been using Vivaldi as my default browser since the beginning of the year, but in that time (two or three Windows builds before today), Vivaldi did not remain the default browser.

    I have a friend who uses Chrome as his default browser, and his default has never switched, so this phenomenon definitely doesn't happen to everyone, or necessarily all browsers.

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    @rseiler - Sorry. I don't use the Insider streams any more. Caused me too many unexpected explosions and heartaches. Finally bricked one of my laptops, and it took me DAYS (and remove, edit the keyboard driver files via USB on another machine and reinstall the hard drive) to get it running again. Hopefully someone with a thirst for the bleeding edge will get back to you.

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