SpeakIt! doesn't fully work in VIVALDI.

  • The extension works with the other two options, however when I select SpeakIt! voice, which I prefer it doesn't work.

    I guess tis something between Vivaldi and Google.

    Bcs I tried this with another extension which also had the SpeakIt! option and it too didn't work.

    In another thread I saw a person complaining about the same thing, until he updated to a newer version and it suddenly worked.

    I guess this might be some minor bug and something hard to detect and fix. :3

  • @Metal
    Tested on Speakit! extension
    I could confirm this on Linux/Debian amd64 too.
    Aside that, I get only 2 options for engine. While it humongous language list in GChrome.

    From errors collected seem related to the extension couldn't figure out the tab language.
    Obvious logic, Vivaldi tab/window is different from GChrome.

    I guess this might be some minor bug and something hard to detect and fix.

    Probably not. We could see what's the cause here.

  • @dLeon I have tested with XTranslate and Voice Instead.


    They use the same voice as far as I can tell and it works there.

    Text-to-Speech also only works with the other voice.

    So it seem to work in some extensions, but not others.

    I also seem to have had some flickering issue with the browser engine.
    It happens randomly when trying to access extension option pages. Maybe I should do a clean re-install just to be sure. The only thing I've installed other than extensions is this snapshot. https://vivaldi.net/en-US/teamblog/226-powerful-commands-for-noisy-tab-control-vivaldi-browser-snapshot-1-7-735-11

  • Reinstalled Vivaldi, 32 and 64 bit version doesn't seem to be making a difference, I didn't do a complete wipe re-install tho.

    But the feature works with XTranslate, but not with SpeakIt!, so I guess this wouldn't have much of an effect.

  • @Metal
    They all use different Speech engines.
    On Speakit! extension. Speakit! engine it self fail to load.

    The last two extensions you brought up fail at all on my Linux/Debian Vivaldi.

    Like I mentioned.
    From the errors collected. All of the extensions failed engines try to load tab.language javascript function (language check on tab), which is fail/error. That was supported in Chromium/Chrome UI. Vivaldi UI tab/window is different.
    And I believe it could be fixable.

    Vivaldi UI difference raise problems with Chrome extensions/apps that want to alter/use/change tab/window. As Vivaldi mature, again I believe it fixable.

    I suggest you report bug to;
    to raise devs attentions.

  • Great then.
    I'll go and report it.
    Thanks for your help. 🙂

    I guess I'll keep using XTranslate for now, tho it only supports limited text.
    I'm currently using ChrOpera as my main and switching back and forth between Vivaldi.

    I initially wanted to start with Vivaldi being my main, but few stuff like the lack of being able to drag and drop links from the address bar to the desktop and folders, I can drop it, but it gives you a messed up link the address rather than the name. I have found an extension lately that drops the link to your desktop and you can even modify the name, which helps with 5 meter long titles. So that wouldn't be an issue.

    Another thing was/still is the context menus and keyboard triggers.
    In ChrOpera you can Right-Click a link and hit S and it will trigger the Save As menu entry. This makes things really fast on my end. :3

    Vivaldi still lacks this, maybe if the future updates they will add customizations and that would be fixable. 🙂

    There are many stuff I like more about Vivaldi compared to ChrOpera tho, but I guess still needs some more time and work until it gets there.

    I was actually thinking switching to Vivaldi full time again, bcs I love the Hibernate built-in feature which helps a lot when you have 100+ tabs opened, and works way better than any Hibernation extension I've tried, bcs you can trigger it when you want it and not having to pause it or enable/disable. And takes less resources as it's native.

    I guess I'll report the issue and check when a future update fixes it again. 🙂


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