McAfee blocking download

  • I have McAfee anti-virus software. It says the Vivaldi homepage is fine, but when got to download the browser McAfee interrupts with a virus warning of a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program.) Ignoring that and continuing with the download causes McAfee to alert that the download is "dangerous."
    I did not go forward. Screenshots below.1_1485619941764_vivaldi_download_page_warning.png 0_1485619941764_vivaldi_download_attempt_warning.png

  • It sounds like McAfee has created yet another false positive. Downloads from Vivaldi's own site are safe, but certain antivirus software occasionally identify such installers as being malware. It might be worthwhile to inform McAfee they need to get their act together.

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    These "Security" programs show unwanted (PUP = potentially unwanted programs). But i cant see wyh Vivaldi is a unwanted program.
    These "Antivirus" programs have False Positives in their databases.

    Virus total scan shows:

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