Translate Tab?

  • I know it's not super inconvenient to navigate over to G translate or even save a bookmarklet but what ideas do you have for the most efficient way to have quick ready access to translating a entire page...can it be one click?

  • @pingram3541 I am happy with using Google Translate as a web panel, but I don't translate entire pages, just forum posts.

  • @pingram3541 Without the extension, you mean?

  • One of the extensions i always install in any chromium-based browser is TransOver. This generally works very nicely, & very conveniently, for me [though occasionally some chromium updates temporarily break it]. I use this to "instantly" translate a word or paragraph that i might read in [say] a German or Italian forum [i'm a lowly english speaker only].

    Conversely for when i need to translate something that i need to write in another language, for posting somewhere, then i use Google Translate via a Bookmarks Bar icon.

    This combo is an evolved solution that pretty well meets my needs. FYI.

  • I've been using search engines to do translating forever, it is probably not the fastest way but it doesn't need any extension and since I usually just translate one word it is convenient and fast enough way for me.

    So what I do is make a simple search engine...let's say you want to English to Spanish:

    Settings>>Search>>Add new search engine
    In URL field put
    Add description e.g. English to Spanish
    In nickname put something simple like "es" or "ets"

    And now when you want to translate something you have two options:

    1. Type your nickname for appropriate search engine and than the word or the sentence that you want to translate in the URL field and voila. This is convenient for me because as I sad, I usually translate only one word so when you have to type it you will most likely remember how to spell it.

    2. Select the word or the sentence and right click >> search with and choose your search engine. Not the fastest way it requires 4 clicks but it's good enough for me.

    If Vivaldi implement something like this feature that opera has:

    alt text

    Little pop-up which in this case has 2 options copy and search but if Vivaldi implement option for copy/search and like 2/3 search engine icons which you could manually change that would be great, you could translate in 2 clicks xD

  • @Pesala I tried the web panel but quickly found it didn't support translating a url by simply dragging and dropping from the primary address bar into the loaded Google Translate panel and just resulted in loading that url in foreign tongue. I could copy the url and then paste but then I'm forced to read the content in the panel which is not a deal breaker and was very quick.

    @Steffie Thank you for sharing your journey. I'm giving TransOver a go and appreciate the suggestions.

    @LongLife Pretty slick use of customized search strings. I like your idea about the right click context options which is similar to an idea I had like a "translate page" option either from right-click in page or on the tab. One click would be really nice.

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