Dashlane 4.4.0 - "This Website" feature not working

  • Hi,

    I've been using Dashlane on Vivaldi without issues for a while now.
    The new update from yesterday (extension 4.4.0) brings a new design to the extension and a new first tab called "This Website". Basically, it gives you the password info stored in the app for the current website.

    Unfortunately, it does not work in Vivaldi. It just loads for ever.

    alt text

    Was anyone able to make it work ? What could be creating the issue in Vivaldi ? It works properly in Chrome from my PC. Here you can install the latest version:


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    @Theberge43 - Did you install the new Vivaldi snapshot today? Or are you on the Stable branch?

    If the extension used to work in Vivaldi and no longer does, please tell the extension author. Vivaldi can't be modified for each individual extension that stops working.

  • Hi,

    I've talked to Dashlane support indeed.
    They don't officially support Vivaldi yet, but he passed the info to the development team.

    I know Vivaldi cannot change it's code for each extension change, I was just wondering if other users had the same problem. Also was wondering what in Vivaldi could be blocking this (I tried a couple of settings in vivaldi://flags without success).

    Dashlane is a great extension and use to work flawlessly. This new feature is great and would be really nice for it to work in Vivaldi.


  • If I analyse the behavior of the extension, it's like Vivaldi does not provide the current tab URL information to the Dashlane extension popup.

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    @Theberge43 - Doubtless Dashlane is looking for it in the wrong place. Vivaldi tabs are identified in the process tree and in the VIVALDI UI, which is not connected to the chromium engine. Chrome tabs are also identified in the Chrome UI, which Vivaldi does not have. Vivaldi's UI is a completely separate application.

  • I can confirm, i've the same problem on stable branch

  • I can also confirm this issue with 1.8.770.9 (Official Build) (64-bit)

  • Open Dashlane and click on tools, then preferences, then security tab. Uncheck "verify browser code signature". Then restart Vivaldi and it should work.

  • @lakecruzer wow, that did it ! Thanks !
    However now since the last couple of days, I cannot see the password selection overlay if I have more than one login for one page, I only see the dark grey shadow.
    alt text

  • @Theberge43 I have the same problem with Dashlane 4.6.3 and Vivaldi 1.9.818.25 (64 bit), also with only one login.
    alt text

  • It works again with 1.9.818.29 :grinning:

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