How to install Vivaldi AND user datas in another place ?

  • Hello,
    I'm trying to free a little my C drive, and decided to move some folders from Appdata to another place when possible.
    I know that it's possible to install Vivaldi where I want, but User datas don't follow. Is there a way to accomplish that ?

    Thanks !

  • Strange way to free up space on C:, I would say you'd might have more luck with cleaning up your desktop, empty your trashbin and copy everything from the standard download folder to another drive

  • @GoldNoway Use the Standalone installation option. Then your user files will be in the same folder.

    0_1484328324839_Standalone Installation.png

  • @Pesala I'll do that, thanks !

  • Moderator

    @GoldNoway You could try using symbolic links (symlinks) to move the stuff from one drive to another without the need to reinstall anything. If you create symlink on your C drive and point it to a location on the D drive, you will see the stuff from D drive as if it was located on the C drive. That's roughly how it works... 😉

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