Shuts down after Windows lock (or sleep)

  • Running updated Windows 10 64-bit and latest Vivaldi 1.6 (689.40).

    Every time my Windows 10 locks itself or if it has been in Sleep over night Vivaldi is closed when logging back into Windows. Starting Vivaldi again has all the tabs there and even filled in text in textboxes so it seems mostly like it is running in background maybe?

    This does not happen if I do a Lock, only if it is Windows itself doing the time-out due to inactivity.

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    Vivaldi closes? No, not for my Windows 10x6 Pro.

    If Windows is Hibernate mode Vivaldi is not closed, it is paused and the memory of all running Windows processes is saved.
    After waking up the memory is restored and programs are in the same state when Windows fell asleep.

    //EDIT: I tested this 2 minutes before.

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    Doesn't do it here, either.

  • Can confirm. I'm running on a Windows 10 64-bit (build 14393) and Vivaldi 1.6.689.40.

    This issue is exactly what brought me here to the forums a few moments ago. This happens occasionally to me, maybe around 50% of the time. During the day I lock my screen several times and I've been watching this behaviour for the last two weeks I guess.

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    @kz3r I cant reproduce your shutdown of Vivaldi.
    I have often screen locks when leaving desktop and being at telephone or hibernating after 30 minutes if i am away.
    Vivaldi is ok after unlock or wakeup of Windows.

  • @Gwen-Dragon said in Shuts down after Windows lock (or sleep):

    @kz3r I cant reproduce your shutdown of Vivaldi.
    I have often screen locks when leaving desktop and being at telephone or hibernating after 30 minutes if i am away.
    Vivaldi is ok after unlock or wakeup of Windows.

    Fresh install all hidden folders gone & used cCleaner too -- Still does it!
    Using W7 Pro x64 w/ 16bg ram on a i5 w/VT, Intel HD Graphics 2500 (MS Borg Spyware Blocked!) - I hope that helps?

    *Also the bookmarks file 'Did Not Restore' added links to the Speed-Dial nor links on the bookmarks tool-bar... I lost some good finds 8(

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    @640k - Sounds like your hardware is doing it.

  • How?
    Change Which Settings?

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    @640k - Without knowing your system, I couldn't say. Settings are different for each hardware and BIOS setup. You could try setting your system to never hibernate. It can still go to "sleep" but it should retain your open apps alive in memory, to be revived when it wakes up.

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    @640k I fear your settings for power management in BIOS and Windows 7 are not correct. Or the BIOS has a bug for power mode states.

    • Reset BIOS settinsg to Safe Default
    • Reboot
    • Start cmd shell as Admin and run powercfg.exe /hibernate off
    • Reboot

  • Well, no, I don't believe it is hardware as it is ONLY Vivaldi that closes.

    I have like 10 other programs open, e.g. Outlook, Notepad++, Atom, etc. and they are all still open after logging in.

    It is not after Hibernation, only after Standby it is happening and I'd guess maybe around 50% to 60% of the times.

    I'd say it is more often if I have the regular Vivaldi instance open and an Incognito instance open at the same time (which I often have to use two separate AWS logins at the same time).

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    Yes, then it may be a problem with your Windows installation.

    Many of us use Vivaldi with many tabs and private windows and when Windows sleeps after 20-30 minutes and wakes up after a keyhit or mouse move Vivaldi is not closed.

    Perhaps a upgrade to/in Win 10 may have cause this strange behavior.

    Try Admin console this for Windows checks:

    1. shutdown -g -t 0
    2. sfc /scannow
    3. Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /CheckHealth
    4. Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /ScanHealth
    5. Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth
    6. Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /ScanHealth

  • Thanks for the suggestion but it is still happening. It has been going on for some time so I don't think it is down to any Windows update.
    Also as it is only Vivaldi doing this and not any other application I feel it can't be blamed on Windows.
    I've started keeping Chrome and Internet Explorer open as well but those is kept open. I just now logged back into Windows after leaving it for about 15 minutes...

    Application that remains open

    • Outlook 2016
    • Windows Explorer
    • Google Chrome
    • Notepad++
    • Putty
    • Atom
    • FileZilla Client

    Applications that has closed down:

    • Vivaldi

    Is there some log that I can enable in Vivaldi that would show why it closes down that could pinpoint the problem?
    I really love Vivaldi so thanks for all your efforts but this is extremely annoying...

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    I don't know about a special switch or log to check why Vivaldi does close,

    Please report it as a bug.

    How to do a bugreport for Vivaldi:
    Please describe as precisely as you can and report the bug at
    You will get a bug confirmation mail and in a reply to this mail you can add more information and files as attachments for the testers and bug tracking team.
    Thanks in advance.

  • Sorry for the late reply; that was due to testing 'sleep mode' over hibernation... no problems so far... except for sleepy-heads are slower to awake 8(

    Application that remains open: Bluefish Editor, FileZilla, Firefox, Vivaldi, Thunderbird (sometimes SeaMonkey).
    Any Combination of Graphic Programs open or not: Inkscape, Gimp, Krita, CorelDraw, Corel Photo-Paint (I'm switching to all Open-Source Software & OS)

    FYI: Outlook Express Removed & IE Locked Down & No Net Access ;}

  • This happened to me last night. Went for a smoke, locked the computer, came back and Vivaldi was gone. I didn't realize what had happened until I stumbled upon this thread.

    However, it doesn't do it all that often, so whatever it is it's a pretty unusual bug.

    I'm on Win10 64 bit build 15007 running Vivaldi 1.6.689.40 (Stable channel) (64-bit).

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    @Sagelukahn - Is this the first time this happened to you since you updated to the new insider's build? Could be a clue.

  • @Ayespy I haven't been using Vivaldi since updating to 15007. I finally got off my butt to replace IE when I gave up hoping Edge would be fixed and IEs UI broke pretty bad in this build. So unfortunately I cannot answer that question. 😨

    But the two other people claiming to have the same bug are using either different builds or a completely different windows point release.

  • @Sagelukahn I should clarify, I started using Vivaldi only AFTER I updated. I had never used it prior to 15007. My wording before is a bit odd. Sorry.

  • I am reading this thread since a few days and wonder if I might run from time to time in the a slightly different version of this. At least it has always to do with standby and/or hibernation.
    At first I didn't realised that this might be connected but it shows some of the same symptoms as those stated above

    @zaibon said in Weird Bug with Remote Desktop Sessions:

    Since 1.7.705.3 I am experiencing a weird bug.

    Boundary conditions:
    At work I need to run a remote desktop session to access our company server and do the stuff I get paid for - but I do my internet researches local with Viv and the latest FF-Beta (need both due to some certificate troubles but that's another story).

    The Bug:
    Due to a script on our servers I get kicked out from remote desktop session when I don't do anything on the servers for more than an hour to save resources.

    Note: After this post I observed this more closely and it always happens when my pc was in standby/hibernation

    When this happens Viv freezes and pops up an error box with the text "Vivaldi.exe exception error" and only one button "OK"
    Until the "OK" isn't pressed my pc is just a brick, nothing is accessible no win-menu, no shortcuts, nothing except that I still can use my mouse to click that stupid OK-Button.
    (I'd like to provide a screenshot but pressing the "print" button and save the pic later just results in a complete black pic...)
    Pressing OK let me close Viv via the taskbar icon (the browser still is unresponsive at this state) and afterwards I need to terminate a bunch a zombie-Viv-processes in the taskmanager until I can restart Viv.

    Note: On the other hand this is what makes me doubt that those bugs are completly connected because nobody else got any kind of errormessage

    First thought that the remote desktop termination process somehow affected my pc and so killed my internet connection for a short time so it ends up in an error but when Viv and FF are running together only Vivaldi dies and the Fox is still running (after pressing OK of course ^^).


    System specs:
    Win7 32bit with Viv 1.7.705.3 32bit standalone
    and the System that is accessed via remote desktop is
    WindowsServer 2012R2 64bit

    Any guesses if this might have something to do with this topic or does it more likely that this is unrelated to sleep-bug?

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