How to reverse the scrolling direction on Linux?

  • Hi,

    Using latest V from the repo (1.6.689.46 (Stable channel) (64-bit)) , the page scrolls in the opposite direction that I want. The entire OS (Mint 17.3 xfce) programs scroll properly (push two fingers UPWARDS on the touchpad = scroll down , roll mouse wheel upwards {away from me} is the same).

    But in V , using the two fingers on the touchpad - the scrolling direction is opposite to the rest of the OS.
    For some reason, the mouse wheel is fine.
    It's like V is hardcoded to use two finger scrolling in a particular direction, without respecting the OS setting. But V does respect the mouse scroll direction setting in the OS.

    In the OS - both mouse and touchpad have the same scroll direction settings.


  • can you toggle settings>touchpad>reverse scrolling direction? im on cinnamon, dont know how xfce does it.

  • @monkey_wrench_gang898
    Thanks for that - I actually use the "reverse scrolling" setting on xfce which sorts out all of the OS. But V insists on scrolling it's own way !

  • @flyingrhino

    Hi, the bug in Chromium builds 49, re-introduced in 54, 55

    Some reasons for the unexpected behavior and workarounds listed in the thread

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