Vivaldi hanging after switching workspaces

  • Hey Guys,

    I've recently started experiencing Vivaldi hanging after switching workspaces in MATE. The window disappears, but the application stays open till it ultimately crashes and you have to force close it through System Monitor. I'm not sure what is causing the issue. Any ideas?


  • @Verequies
    No ideas, but I have in 1.6.. the problem that after starting several links from a mailprogram in the browser suddenly some links make the tabs in Vivaldi (which is in another workspace) dissapear. The browser steps then to the workspace of the mailer. I can't correct it in settings of the OS or desktop (Window manager tweaks in Xfce for example). So I went back to Vivaldi 1.3, which works fine. Please correct this bug.

  • Not sure about that one, but I just experienced my issue except when minimising & re-opening Vivaldi.

  • @Verequies
    Some-one on another forum has also something like it, but with audacity:

  • After some testing to see if I can reproduce the issue, I found that it mostly only happens when a page is loading something. On another note, I just remembered I have an issue where after a while of use (hours) Vivaldi ends up freezing and I have to kill the process and start it up again.

  • @Verequies
    Experimenting a bit.
    I have installed Vivaldi 1.5.. now again (after 'back-in-time' 1.3..) and this version also does great. Maybe it has anything to do with the new facillity on tabs.

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