Chrome extensions rarely work properly or ruin the security

  • A few of Chrome extensions are working properly in Vivaldi.
    I am using Vivaldi on two Windows 10 laptops. Installing the needed extensions (only a small part of those I have previously installed in Chrome) were making Vivaldi haunted by malware and fraudulent unwanted tabs opening.
    Then I started installing the extensions one by one and identified that most of the video download helpers were compromising the security.
    Meanwhile, the one that I really needed, Video DownloadHelper, was not working.
    Finally, an extension that is especially important for me - X-notifier - is not working properly. After opening one e-mail account the toolbar button does not respond for a long time and I cannot check the next account with unread messages.
    I guess that Chrome extensions should not be used directly and they have to be adapted for proper function.

  • depends on the extension. lastpass used to be a problem, then they fixed it. i have had problems with pocket and evernote apps, but recently they fixed those. in the forum there is a section for extensions and third party applications. i recommend investigating/fixing each extension individually.

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    @dvdbndvd Video Download Helper is a popular extension that injects ads across websites and prevents you from opening the Extensions page. I described how to get rid of it here.

    If you have any extensions that you'd wish to use in Vivaldi, check if they're already on the list (if so - vote them up) and if they're not - add them to the list. This way we could tell the Vivaldi developers team which extensions we would like to have support for in Vivaldi.


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